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Deakin graduate Jess Holsman is a Youtube star who has made her name helping thousands learn to study

 The idea of “Study with Jess” came to mind after Miss Holsman was searching for a niche in the Youtube market, something that viewers hadn’t quite seen before on their platforms.

This is when she decided on a channel that would provide students with a platform to study smart and look to improve their grades through endorsing a positive and healthy lifestyle.

“I started filming a couple of study tips videos, originally I was posting a video with two study tips and a fun DIY for students to be creative in their study space or desk and over time it just really evolved,” she said. 

She wanted something original and something that made her channel wanted by the nearly 300,000 subscribers she has now. 

This is where “Study with Jess” was truly created.

After slowly connecting with her growing audience she was looking for ways to improve her video content, through offering suggestions in comments boxes, to direct email from her fellow audience.

From these quite humble beginnings just two years ago she has now been offered publishing deal with American publishing group Mango Media and has her own line of stationery. 

Smart is cool! Own it! Xx

Posted by Study With Jess on Wednesday, 29 March 2017

“I didn’t really think there would be years and years of content I could cover and it was only once my channel started setting the tracks and I was interacting more with my viewers I realised wow there is so much I can do,” she said.

As Study with Jess demonstrates, Youtube can be a world of fun, yet it can also allow for online personalities to be broken down and be given a chance to show their viewers the girl behind the camera.

After making a video about a letter to her 16 year old self Miss Holsman noticed that it was enlightening to show her viewers that she can be vulnerable and let them see through her and really get to know the real Jess.

“It was a really important video to make and I knew that a lot of viewers would be able to empathise with a lot of the challenges I had gone through and I wanted to share my story to help others as well.”

 “It’s okay to be vulnerable on social media, especially if the intention is to help others and that genuineness shines through, and once I did that video I felt so much more comfortable and there is nothing more empowering than being accepted for your authentic self.”

 Jess Holsman always knew she had an empowering voice and finding the right platform to showcase this on was the start of something incredible.

Miss Holsman graduated from Deakin University in 2014 with a Post Graduate Diploma of Psychology and as well as running Study with Jess, she launched her own stationery line Seed.ED Educationery, which features study planners, exam summary books and online tutorials.

After writing some blog posts online the inkling of turning these into a book quickly became a goal of Miss Holsman’s that wasn’t going to give in until she had her book on the shelves of retailers around the world.

After six months of writing the blog posts Miss Holsman received an email from Mango Media offering her a book deal. 

 “I just sat three days a week, nine to five writing in my study, it was like I went on auto pilot and I was pulling content that I had on my Youtube channel and fleshing it out and revisiting old blogs,” she said.

Within six months of completion the book was placed amongst shelves all over the US including Barnes and Nobles, Walmart and then quickly took place in both Canada and the UK.

The book then made its way back to Miss Holsman’s home soil in February of last month and continued to influence many Australians of her motto “Inspiring students to be happy healthy and productive.”

Today, Jess is continuing to utilize Youtube, sticking religiously to updating weekly content whilst searching for the ideas for her next book.

Miss Holsman’s success demonstrates the growing number of people that are looking to online to and create a lifestyle out of sharing their talents, opinions and views with the world.

So what makes a successful Youtuber? And how do you create an online platform that demonstrates success?

Below I have comprised a list of five Youtubers who have seen success throughout their online careers and what makes them popular.

1: The Report of the Week

This kid undertakes food reviews on everything from limited edition St Patricks krispy kreme donuts to Meat Mountain Sandwhich. His channel is weirdly popular with nearly 200,000 subscribers his commitment to reviewing fast foods, candy and purified drinking water vs spring water pays off.


2: Shani Grimmond

This channel may seem like your typical beauty blogger channel but after viewing it appears so much more. This 19-year-old girl has managed to develop a huge following in about 5 years of over 1 million subscribers. Her down to earth nature and relatable conversations through video has proved beneficial when shooting to success. Her commitment to weekly content for her viewers has also helped to develop her consistent following , as people each week can look forward to a video.

 3: Ashy Bines

Originally an Instagram fitness sensation she has taken to Youtube to make her own reality TV series, RAW.  Ashy manages to set herself apart from the rest through her ability to connect with her fans on a more intimate level that showcases her personal life. It shows fans her downfalls in comparison to her upbeat fitness nature and she has managed to score around 86,000 subscribers.

 4: Chicken Connoisseur

This British food critic is a boy who travels to find the finest fried chicken restaurants in London. With originality like no other he tastes fried chicken from London with his harsh judgments and fond love for fried chicken at heart. His love for fried chicken is clearly shared with many others after conjuring a following of around 570,000 subscribers.

 5:Talking Animals
Who doesn’t love animals, right? Especially talking ones. This Youtube channel embeds all aspects of awesome as it takes regular pets and changes them into talking phenomenons. Their most famous Ultimate Dog Tease video has had over 185 million views. They continue to impress with an overall following of around 1,300,000 viewers.


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