Let’s get WILD

Credit: Robert Geary

Wild Melbourne is an organisation with a mission

As I sat down to the table with what appeared to be three completely different individuals, I began to realise the like mind they shared.

One thing they all agreed on collectively was their love for the environment.  I watched on in awe of the incredible passion that was unfolding before me I was captivated in a way that made me want to change for the better. 

That was when I realised.

They had a mission and this mission was to use their environmental voice to grow awareness amongst the greater community. 

The group jokingly said their end goal was “world domination” and with this level of passion could they really be far from it?

Wild Melbourne is a non-profit organisation that started back in June of 2013, after Chris McCormack had the idea to gather together individuals who were keen on the environment, nature and the conservation of wildlife.

Credit: Robert Geary

After rounding up friends and friends of friends who were interested in environmental protection they started Wild Melbourne – a campaign to help Victorians understand and appreciate the wildlife and environmental splendour around them.

The group has continued to grow their following since 2013 that has now accumulated to around 5,000 likes on their Facebook page.

Whether it is environmental videos or weekly wildlife appreciation articles, the group has been able to share their aims with a greater community via social media.

The group shares everything from the best spots to venture out to on the weekend to the hidden outdoor spots where your favourite animal lies. 

The team aims to engage people with nature and create a platform that people will look towards for advice on all things environment.

So what would the world be without people who appreciate nature?

The incredible feeling of walking through a green space and feeling instantly alive could easily be taken away without continual assurance that what we do on a daily basis could affect our beloved walking track a year from now.

Leonardo Guida, Community Operations Director, said, “Our goal is to get people to realise it does effect you, it effects mental health, physical wellbeing and your mood is scientifically proven to be lifted just by walking through a green space.”

Through the use of many projects Wild Melbourne are instilling their voice amongst the up and coming generations through school programs that include teaching young kids about nature and the environment.

These programs consist of nine different modules, which include interactive activities that aim to foster an appreciation of nature, sustainability and the great outdoors. 

Juliet Israel, Community Outreach Manager, said, “We are trying to engage the kids in nature and trying to relate it to their school or life at home.”

I’m certain that at least once before you have all dropped a piece of rubbish or walked past a piece lying on the ground and never thought much of it.

We are constantly on the go as University students and we tend to forget what effects might come away from us dropping a piece of rubbish.

But would you care if that piece of rubbish could potentially cause your favourite outdoor walking spot to become polluted, or even extinct?

“I actually think everyone cares and they are unaware of how much they care or the places they do care about,” said Mr Guida.

Sarah Bond, Education Manager, spoke about connecting with audiences and realising that there are certain ways to leave a message and get people to think about their next move in an environmentally friendly way.

“It’s the emotional connection that actually makes people start realising that they are having an impact,” she said.

Drawing connections and comparisons continues to bring humans together, whether it be about their favourite animal or walking track, people love to know about things they like.

The Wild Melbourne team is looking to continue connecting with the community about nature and ensuring they know that the five-second job of tossing your water bottle in the bin will prove beneficial in years to come.

“If you can communicate and connect with people on their level with something that relates personally to them then you get one change in one person, and magnify that by x amount of people then you are making a difference,” Mr Guida said.

This isn’t the end for Wild Melbourne as they continue their environmental journey and aspire to their hopes and dreams of being known as a national brand that people will go to when they think about asking their next environmental question.

Four small things the Wild Melbourne team recommends to better connect with nature and the outdoors

1: Take a walk – Walking outside is super beneficial for your mindset and a great way to free your body after studying inside all day.

2: Have you ever thought about the wildlife that resides in your own backyard? Next time a bird is chirping away at your bedside window take the time to have a look and get to know that bird’s name.

3: Plants are so in right now, so why not get yourself some gardening tools and get out in the garden and show Jamie Durie what you’re made of. 

4: Embrace your natural day trip spots! Take a trip down to the Dandenong ranges or to the Point Lonsdale shores and absorb all that natural goodness rather than staying indoors at your local cafe.

If you’re interested in being apart of the team, or wanting to know more about this organisation click here.


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