Country Boy Hits The Broadway Stage

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Feeling Kinky this summer was certainly the general vibe around Melbourne.

At least that is when the star-studded theatre show Kinky Boots arrived in Melbourne.

With music and lyrics by the talented Cyndi Lauper, Kinky Boots was a standout show that had the whole of Melbourne in awe.

It made its departure last week from Melbourne and the show continues on to set its place in Melbourne’s rival arts and culture spot, Sydney.

Talented actor and musician Joe Kosky played Don in the show and summed up his Kinky Boots experience with three words, “Fabulous, exciting, and humbling”.

Posted by Joe Kosky on Thursday, 2 February 2017

From humble beginnings in the small country town of Shepparton, Mr Kosky initially delved into music to escape boredom and was continually encouraged by friends.

It started out as an extra curricular activity at school and an excuse to hang out with friends, but what was next for Mr Kosky would entail so much more than the high school play.

After joining a local theatre group, Shepparton Theatre Arts Group at young age he truly found his feet in what would set him up for a lifestyle on the broadway stage.

 The country town’s large focus on the arts allowed for several stars to be born in amongst the small theatre group including Voice Australia contestant, Sam Ludeman.

When finishing his studies in theatre at Ballarat University, Mr Kosky managed to score his big break on the main stage of the renowned theatre show, Jersey Boys.

It was there he learnt vital skills and life long lessons that would become a natural part of his day-to-day life on stage.

 “After doing Jersey Boys for two years I learnt quickly the sort of strain in puts on your mind and your body doing the same show eight times a week for a few years”, he said.

 Audiences raved and have continued to rave as the show has made its departure from Melbourne.

The entertaining and uplifting show demonstrated the many talents we have living right here in our beautiful country.

 Night after night these performers worked consistently to provide the audiences of Melbourne with a stella show that would be raved about in every huge publication.

 But what are the hidden pressures behind these wonderful and glamorous theatre shows?

It might mean dropping 20 kg to secure your dream role, or changing the colour of your hair to best suit the star of the show, or even having your vocal chords massaged.

 Mr Kosky’s character in the show Don is known for his big build and boisterous mannerisms and he admits, “I wasn’t a small guy heading into the show and I was already slightly overweight and now that I am doing the role I am not allowed to cut my hair or beard”.

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Running a marathon was never something Mr Kosky could quite understand, but staying what he described as “show fit” was certainly on his agenda.

 “You have to have a high calorie intake, but also try to stay healthy”, he said.

 Mr Kosky also has many strange Broadway rituals, which included a weekly session of vocal unloading where he would have hands down his throat massaging his vocal chords.

 This technique is most commonly used in the performing arts sector to help with the recovery of the vocal chords, as Mr Kosky admits, “that sort of thing is pretty brutal and I try and do it just to keep my muscles relaxed”.

 As the Melbourne shows drew to a close Mr Kosky was looking forward to a short but well earned break before he heads to Sydney and is certainly noticing more strain on his body in a leading role position.

“This is my first time in a leading role and although it is always what I have wanted to do, it’s a different sort of job than being in the ensemble, you do have to be really on your game and be that driving force”, he said.

Despite the hidden pressures behind Broadway, Kosky always manages to find a way to override these small changes in physical attributes and focus on his love and passion for the Broadway stage.

 “You can find ways internally to make it new and exciting so when you do say the same thing for the 200th time it doesn’t sound like you’re bored of it and you have to always remember its brand new to whoever is watching it”.







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