10 Music Festival Necessities

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While summer has come to an end, the festival season still has a few events left to give, and the weekends spent in the dust, dancing and sweating until your heart’s content can be some of the greatest times of your life.

If you dabble in the art that is attending music festivals, then you’ll know there’s a lot more to enjoying it than just consuming litres of Vodka and Rebull.

There are the obvious essentials; your ticket, a tent and slabs of water, but there are a few other things that can make your festival experience eminently better.


1: Baby Wipes

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If you’ve ever been away at a three day festival, you’ll know that sometimes showering just isn’t an easy option. The showers they provide are cold, and you’re only going to get filthy again several hours later. This is where baby wipes can be an absolute godsend – wipe those sins away to make way for the ones you’ll commit the next day.


2: Glitter/Flash Tattoos

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It has basically become mandatory to wear glitter on some part of your body at a festival.




3: Fanny Pack

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Fanny packs (which are totally making a comeback) are incredibly handy to store your phone, glasses, your water and extra glitter … always carry more glitter.




4: Gumboots

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You are not always guaranteed perfect weather for your festival weekend, this is where boots become essential in the mud! Don’t buy expensive shoes that are only going to end up completely ruined, spend a few bucks on some sexy gumboots instead.



5: Gatorade/sports drinks

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With the amount of beer, cider and spirits being consumed, and several days to soldier on, you cannot afford a hangover, so replenish your electrolytes with as much Gatorade as you can.




6: Fruit

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It is absolutely fundamental that you pack sustenance of some kind, and while it can be hard to remember to eat during a rave, fruit is full of nutrients to refuel your body so that you can dance your butt off all weekend.



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7: Poncho

You cannot control the weather so, much like the gumboots, a poncho is a necessity to make sure your funky festival attire does not get dirty.


8: Solar phone charges

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Now for those who get lost in the euphoria of the festival vibe, a phone charger may not be a priority on your list, however for those who want to capture every moment possible, these solar charges can be an absolute lifesaver.




9: Blow up couches

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When you’re not front and centre at the main stage, you don’t want to spend the whole time in your tent. If you have a few blow up couches out the front of your campsite, you’ll be able to enjoy the company of your mates in the comfort of a couch!




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 You cannot enter a bender, 3 day festival weekend being a Negative Nancy. If you’re not thinking positively, your whole festival experience will be thrown out the window. Positive mind = positive vibes.



So there you have it, a list of 10 essentials to enhance your festival experience. Don’t forget to be safe, look after your friends and have a hell of a time. (Also, DO NOT forget the glitter!)


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