How to: Attend a wedding on a student budget (and still look fabulous)

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 Being a 20 something is hard. Being a 20 something student can be even harder. You’re trying to figure your life out while juggling assignments, part time work and a social life.

You’re not really sure if you are meant to be out – if you’re meant to be getting down in the club or staying in with a good book on a Saturday night.

Half of your friends from school are getting engaged and the other half are posting 340 second Snapchats of their drunk singing.

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So when you get an invitation to a friend’s wedding (obviously from the engaged half) the feeling of happiness can be closely followed by the feeling of ‘OMG, how can I afford? This I ate noodles for every meal last week’.

Fear no more, this list of tips will get you to the alter looking sharp (and ready to devour that free meal).

  1. Rent your outfit. There is positively no point in buying a brand new dress that you will only wear once, struggle to sell and if you do, you’ll only get a fraction of the cost back. There are tons of awesome rental websites that let you hire amazing designer dresses for literally a fraction of the price.  Some really great ones are

Something Borrowed

Glam Corner

Her wardrobe

 Rent a dress

2. Think of some quirky gift ideas that wont cost you an arm and a leg (or let the bride and groom know that you’re stingy). Things like a custom Snapchat filter, or even a handmade memoire of the day

3. Put your skills to use. Awesome at invitation design? Have a knack for floristry? Any bride and groom are going to be way more thankful for your skills helping out than any gift, wedding are expensive or them too!

4. Sus out your travel options. This can get expensive fast. Have a look at bus services around the area, or even check Air BnB for cheap accommodation – meaning you can drive there and back and still have those few cheeky beverages.  Get some friends involved so you can split the cost.



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