Justin Bieber’s Fans Are Growing Up


Justin Bieber, the controversial singer who used to only be known as teenage girls’ idol has proven his haters that he is a serious musician.

Purpose Album gained so much love not only from the old-school Beliebers, but also from the wider public. The number of awards the album won shows that people are actually listening to his songs and that he is a credible artist.

On 10th March 2016, Bieber performed in Etihad Stadium, Melbourne, for approximately 50,000 people. He partnered up with the young DJ, Martin Garrix, on his Purpose Tour.

Martin Garrix and a special guest, Sheppard, had the chance to perform before Bieber, however, not many people were there to see their performance.

The crowd when Martin Garrix performed.

As soon as it was Bieber’s time to perform, the stadium was packed with people.

He started his show by appearing in a glass box hovering above the stage singing “Mark My Words”.

Fans were screaming and some started to cry but it was a different vibe from the hysterical screams of Beliebers years ago.

His talent was proven when he showcased his beautiful voice during an acoustic session.

Beliebers were flashing light through their phones as they were enjoying the acoustic session.

Since Justin released his Purpose Album, his fans have grown to a range of people.

Forty-seven-year old mother, Sharon, and her friend were a fan of the 23-year old singer.

“I think he is cute, I like his new songs and my friend is crazy about him so I came with her.”

Ben, 21-year old guy said he was “embarrassed” at first to watch Bieber’s concert because he thought the fans would be mostly teenage girls.

“I’m here to accompany my girlfriend because she’s a big fan. At first I was embarrassed but I came here anyways and turned out there were lot of guys as well.

“I’ve never been much of a fan until recently since his music in this album were pretty good so that’s when I decided to listen to the songs. It actually exceeded my expectations. I thought it was just another concert but the visual effects and everything that they used were awesome.”

Although Bieber was the star of the show, some people came to see the talented young DJ perform.

“I couldn’t make it to Sheppard’s performance but Martin Garrix was definitely one of the reason I came here,” Ben added.

On the other hand, Bieber disappointed some of his fans due to his action while performing. He did not seem to connect with them.

“I understand maybe it is the result of doing the same concert and the same routine over and over again but it is very unfortunate that he looked bored and seemed like he had no connection with his fans, that’s just my opinion,” said one of the audience.

Bieber ended his show with the popular song of the album, “Sorry”, with him sending message to beliebers to “be yourself” with fireworks exploding as he disappeared from the stage.

Purpose Album has really changed “haters” to “Beliebers”.






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