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She’s had some ups and downs in business, but this 24-year-old entrepreneur has some exciting news about her latest adventure – and you could be part of it.  

On a gloomy autumn day, Mia Plecic sat opposite me at Pakington Cottage in Newtown. It was hard not to notice an air of importance and charm that surrounded her. The skies may have been grey but this young woman was anything but.

At the youthful age of 24, Mia has a list of successful business ventures under her belt; including a personal training business and teeth whitening venture. It is fair to say that Mia is a woman with initiative and a work ethic to admire.  It was a pleasure to take a glace into the world of Miss Plecic.

“Inspiring other women to do amazing things in life has always been and always will be my number one priority.”

By using her own journey through ups and downs in business, Mia is dedicating herself to teach everything she has learnt to other young entrepreneurs.

A life-altering moment for Mia was in August 2015 when, late at night scrolling through her Instagram photo stream, she came across a badly branded at home teeth whitening kit. Around the same time in Mia’s life, she had given up her Personal Training business and was living off benefits from Centrelink.

Photo supplied by Mia Plecic Instagram

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I was really good at Personal Training, but it just wasn’t fulfilling to me anymore.”  

Mia’s move to dive head first into the at-home teeth whitening business brought about her company Pearly Whites Australia. In six short months, the success was astounding with customers in the United States, Asia and Australia.

Amid the whirlwind success and celebrations of Pearly Whites Australia, Mia says she was misled by a business partner. Mia’s life was flipped upside down and within a day she was selling her shares and her part in the business.

Mia, then a novice entrepreneur, had limited contracts in place or legal advice to protect her and her ideas. “My advice is, always be aware and curious. You need to be smart about who you trust. I don’t trust anyone anymore.”

Picking herself up from the unforeseen exit from Pearly Whites Australia and the emotionally draining business relationship breakdown, Mia started a brand new at-home teeth whitening company, called Bondi Smile.

With some quick thinking and clever branding at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Mia contacted long-time friend and The Bachelor star Kiki Morris, who ended up being the face of the brand. “I knew Bondi Smile wouldn’t do as well as Pearly Whites Australia, but I wanted to go head to head with my old business.”

Mia has recently put Bondi Smile into voluntary liquidation and the teeth whitening kits will be sold for a cheaper price from Catch of the Day and other large outlet chain stores.

Mia was also the successful owner and producer of Downtown Juice co. The juices are sold from Geelong’s drive through coffee shops, Bean Squeeze.

Photo supplied by Mia Plecic Instagram

“I’m very proud of what I have achieved since I lost everything and I’m grateful for every opportunity since then.”

By writing a book, which is due to be published later this year, Mia wants to be able to share that good things do take time.

“I want five thousand people, minimum, in a room – I want to speak to them, share my entire story and inspire them to do great things.”

The newest and most extreme venture Mia and her team are starting is a three-month, online training college, for those wanting to launch into the business world.

 “Nobody knows this yet, this is not published and it’s not announced, I’m so excited!”

The course will cover things such as, how to get your idea off the ground, how to set up a website and run it, how to successfully brand a product and how to excel on social media.

“Marketing a business is so important” At the end of the three-month online course, Mia hopes to be able to take her students to Hamilton Island for a luxurious weekend full of motivational speakers and relaxation.

“I’m a people person, I love being able to help people.”

Mia openly said she was not the most innovative person, she wasn’t the creator of any of her ideas but she just worked very hard to be the best at each business.

“I want to be able to help people reach their full capabilities in the business world.”

When Mia isn’t working hard, or in business meetings, she enjoys taking her one-year-old Cavoodle, Honey, out for walks around the Barwon River whilst listening to podcasts by motivational speakers, Dr John DeMartini and Tony Robbins.

In the two years, since Mia started in the business world, she has grown and developed a huge amount of knowledge. “Ten year plans scare me,” She said, but added that in ten years’ time she hopes to own many successful companies, she wants to continue travelling around the globe and to be an important social influence and a successful motivational speaker.

Photo supplied by Mia Plecic Instagram

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