Men Overthrow for Logies Title

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Six representatives and only one female? Come on Australia

It’s April 8th, 2017 and Australians still can’t manage to find more than one female to honour for Australian TV’s most prestigious award.

The Logies are a night of glitz and glamour and help recognise some of Australia’s best TV personalities and actors, although this year’s TV Week Gold Logie nominees are gaining headlines for a different reason.

Despite the great female talent produced in Australian TV this year, voters struggled to find more than one woman who was worthy of the Gold Logie. Jessica Marais, star of Love Child and The Wrong Girl has managed to secure a role as the only woman nominated for the gold. Although an incredible effort in itself, it can’t be possible that voters only saw one female TV personality who deserved the spot. 

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But it is. 

The Love Child star is up against Peter Helliar from The Project along with his co-star and previous winner Waleed Aly. Other nominees include game show host Grant Denyer for Family Feud, Samuel Johnson from Molly and Doctor Doctor star Rodger Corser. 

Image credit-TV Week

Half of the nominees stem from a range of talk and game shows and it seems that their appearance on our TV screens each day has made quite the impact.

Australia has managed to recognise the same man twice, but a female still can’t make the cut to battle it out with these men. Have the Australian public gone mad? Or can we really not recognise actresses like Jessica Mauboy with her stella performance in one of the years most successful TV Dramas, The Secret Daughter. 

Along with Deborah Mailman with her incredible performances starring in popular shows Offspring and Jack Irish

According to The Herald Sun, TV Week Magazine Editor Emma Nolan protected the magazine’s reputation saying “People can knock it, but it’s what the viewers wanted”.

Historically, the show hasn’t complied that well with female representation either. With the prestigeous award only being awarded 23 times to a female since the creation of the Gold Logie in 1960. Throughout the lengthy time the Gold Logie has been on the market, only 2 females have managed to secure a spot in the Gold Logie Hall Of Fame, with one of those recipients receiving the award just last year.

The actors and actresses involved in these short series tend to only get a certain amount of air time throughout the year in comparison to daily programs, like The Project.

It may be that Australians are becoming immune to these short series and are turning to more popular forms of streaming and can’t quite appreciate the concept of good Australian television anymore. Or it may be that they simply can’t remember the women from these short series because their daily news programs are to busy being bombarded by a panelist of men. On previous occasions the nominations were at least fairly divided between the sexes.

With a 1 in 6 chance that a female will win the Gold Logie, Jessica Marais still remains humble after saying to, “It makes me incredibly proud that Love Child is well loved and probably just reaffirms that we have a great thing going and that people are excited to see the show, because it’s definitely got legs,” she said.

We will have to wait and see the fate of our only female contender with the Logies ceremony airing on the April 23rd on Channel Nine.






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