8 Easy Steps To Change Your Work Makeup Look Into A Dazzling Night Time Glam

A MAKEUP LOOK Model: Erin Langmaid Photographer: Laura Viney

Many of us wake up each morning and dread the rush to get out the front door on time for the commute to work. 

With these simple tips, you can leave the house in a stylish, professional, perfectly put-together way.  

Makeup for work is very important, almost as important as your outfit choices. A light coverage of foundation and concealer is a great way to correct any uneven skin tones from the left over fake tan from the weekend before.

After the base of foundation is all blended in, a setting powder is a great asset to keep your skin looking matte and even all day long. A light pink blush, mascara and a neutral lip gloss are the perfect combination for keeping you look awake, youthful and respectable.

Many people will make the mistake by putting dark makeup on for an all-day wear. Sometimes the makeup after a long day in a hot office or classroom can look cakey and blotchy and is noticeably not a ‘fresh’ look.

During your busy day, when you get a chance to check your phone, a message from your best friend pops up saying you’re expected to be at a dinner just after you finish work! With no time to go home and get changed and fix your make-up, but with a few simple steps, the perfect make up look can be created in the work toilets with the items you have in your makeup bag. 

Step 1. Grab a tissue or beauty blender and dab at any oily spots on your skin. This removes all the debris your face has gathered over the course of the day. If you have any loose powder, you could re-add it on the oily spots to create a flawless matte look.

 Step 2. By adding bronzer around the cheek bones, jaw bones and hair line, it gives the face some depth and a beautiful glow and shimmer to the complexion. 

 Step 3. Using blush makes the cheeks come back to life with a bit more colour. Keeping you looking youthful and fresh. 

 Step 4. Eye Shadow can complement any look, especially if you’re trying to brighten yourself up. Blend the eye shadow from the outer corner into the inner corner creating an ombré blend across the eye.  

Step 5. Eye liner, always! A black or dark brown eye liner is the perfect accessory to keep in your bag. By using a small amount of liner on the bottom lash line and blending up into the eye shadow, you create a quick and simple smokey eye look.


Step 6. Touching up your mascara will make your eye lashes look extra thick and long. 

 Step 7. Highlighter is truly a girl’s best friend. Give yourself the extra glow you need by adding the highlighter to the top of the cheek bones, bridge of the nose, cupids bow and if you’re wearing an off the shoulder top, you can even add some highlighter to your collar bones for a shadowy appearance. 

 Step 8. Finish the look with a creamy lipstick. Dark colours are great if you’re planning on staying out late, where as a light lip colour is great to lighten up your face. With the completed look, it’s time to go out with your girlfriends and rock your quick after work makeup.


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