Is there anything better than some vino and electric dance music in the paradise that is the Yarra Valley? I think not!

Hot Dub Wine Machine is a new tour/mini-festival created by Sydney’s Tom Loud, a DJ who goes by the name of Hot Dub Time Machine.

His vision for Hot Dub was for it to be the ‘world’s first time travelling dance party’, headlining festivals all over the globe, playing hit songs in chronological order from 1954 through to 2017.

If headlining shows around the globe wasn’t enough, Hot Dub wanted his own festival that also showcased some of the best local talent from across Australia.

The mini-festival is being held at wineries all around the country throughout April. Rochford Wines, in the Yarra Valley, was the destination for Victorians to enjoy the day party.

Hot Dub Wine Machine: Hope Estate

The line-up consisted of talented Aussie artists including Tom Tilley, Miami Horror, Confidence Man, PNAU and, of course, Hot Dub Time Machine himself.

As the Yarra Valley is a fare hike out of Melbourne’s CBD, (providing you had purchased a bus ticket) shuttle buses were running from Flinders Street Station straight to the winery.

The atmosphere on the bus was already quite hyped the day I attended, as everybody was waiting to get to the desired destination to continue the party.

Festival Stage, image by Molly Slater

Buses started arriving about 1pm and the crowd began to grow. First stop was the drink stands, where they had on offer over-priced local wines, craft beers and ciders, as well as some fancy cocktails, because what’s a festival without pricey drinks? 

The weather held up for several hours as festival-goers were able to enjoy their boutique alcohol and dance to the electronic sounds of the DJ’s. 

The crowd at the stage began to increase as it was nearing time for one of the headline acts, PNAU, to play.

They got the crowd going with their popular 2007 hit, Wild Strawberries. The people in the mosh hardly had room to move, yet somehow they all still managed to jump around in unison with the music.

It wasn’t long until they played their latest hit Chameleon and everybody went absolutely nuts, drinks were spilling and people were getting knocked around, but there’s not much else you can expect when an absolute banger comes on.

PNAU finished their set, and Miami Horror were up next, this was another opportunity to line up for more drinks, some food and get more glitter at the glitter stand.

The weather took a turn for the worse and the rain had begun to set in, but this did not bother a single reveller. The sound of Miami Horror flowed through the grape vines and every one started dancing in the rain.

The night was coming to an end, but that could only mean one thing, it was time for Hot Dub!

He started in 1969, with American Woman, and continued to play hits from the Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Cyndi Lauper, ACDC and all the way through to 2016 Bieber.

Nobody wanted to leave, they could have kept dancing for hours, but unfortunately the night had come to an end.

Everybody that arrived by bus packed back on them for the hour journey back to the CBD, where some continued their antics at the official after-party at Anyway nightclub, and some jumped on their trains and headed home.

Until next year Hot Dub, thanks for the best chardy ever.








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