Neel Kolhatkar Nails Melbourne Comedy Festival


This year’s 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Show provided some outstanding shows. Newcomer and YouTube sensation, Neel Kolhatkar was amongst the list of comedians for this years festival to perform his show #ObjectifyNeel.  

The very bold, witty and crude Neel based his show on self-deprecating humour as he requested the crowd to explore his Instagram and sexually objectify him as a ‘brown male’.

His talent for humour and story telling is quite a blessing for his 18+ content. The stories and jokes he delivered contained no restrictions to stereotypes as the young comedian mastered his facial expressions to match his stage characters and their accents. 

His bold sense of humour resonates easily with any Generation Y person who suffers from high rent payments, coffee addictions and enjoys a daily dose of memes. From impersonating Australian politicians to perfecting a range of different accents, his work manages to be well rehearsed yet effortlessly performed.

Need Kolhatkar proves that he is not one to shy away from audience involvement as he provoked and engaged with his young crowd by soliciting embarrassing questions that would leave your parents shaking their heads in disapproval. At one point during his show, he told the front row – a group of young adults who revealed that they were active in church duties that “he was going to hell” with a proud wink. Yet again, the audience erupted into laughter including the front row. 

His unapologetic outtake on all things youth related reflect well on how life may be at times for young Australians. Only being 24, Neel succeeds in putting together a great show  with never-ending profanity with his confidence radiating onto the stage and reflecting off the crowd’s laughter. 

Not allowing his self professed D list celebrity fame get in the way of being humble to his fans, Neel announced that he would be happy to take some photos after the show finished. As expected, a line had been formed where murmured chatter of his jokes were still being mentioned. 

Comedian Neel Kolhatkar (middle) smiles for a quick photo with my friend Iman (left) and myself (right)

Overall his show was a very refreshing representation of life as he mocked every millenial’s first world problems with a very erudite attitude. If you’re seeking a light hearted night of laughter and enjoy dirty humour, then this 24 year old comedian’s show should be #1 on your list. 

I will definitely buy tickets to see his next Melbourne show. I rate it a well deserving 5/5! 

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