Torquay Welcomes High-Quality, Accessible and Affordable Help for Free

Source by Hadia Atef

Torquay’s only bulk billing medical centre has filled a gap in the town’s health service, according to a resident who used to have to travel to Geelong for care.

Inside Torquay’s Tristar Medical Group. Source by Hadia Atef

The opening of the Tristar bulk billing clinic in time for the busy 2016/2017 summer has also come as Torquay experiences a population boom – the town reached more than 17,000 residents last year and it grew by almost 7,000 in just one year in 2015.

Resident Emily McDonald has been a patient at the clinic since it opened. “Living in Torquay, there were hardly ever bulk billing services.” she said.
“As Torquay is considered one of the well off areas, it’s as though everyone living in the area is expected to pay for their health.
“Since Tristar opened up in Torquay it has certainly made things much easier for my family and I and other friends. We don’t have to travel almost half an hour when we require medical assistance and because Tristar is appointment-based we know that specific time is allocated for the doctor to take care of our health needs.”

Tristar Medical Group logo. Source by Tristar Medical Group

One of Tristar’s nurses Clara Davies said the clinic had grown over the months it had been open. It’s amazing from where we were to where we are now with this clinic.” she said.

Road up to the increasing population of TSource by Travel Victoria

“Word of mouth certainly goes far when people experience such good health care. Each of the doctors now see 40-50 patients a day with more than half of them requesting records from their previous clinic to be sent to us as they are happy to settle down with Tristar as their regular medical clinic.

The clinic also opened in time to counter the recent closure of the Surf Coast home doctor service.

Carpark Available for patients. Source by Hadia Atef

The Tristar Medical Group formed about 10 years ago and now has more than 50 clinics across Australia.

It’s Torquay clinic is located at 136 Geelong Road and is open 8am-6pm weekdays and Saturdays 10am-5pm.





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