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The 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival has been in town for two weeks and has seen an array of hilariously talented international and local acts hit the state’s capital. 

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Among the many skilful comedians appearing at this year’s festival is none other than funny man, Arj Barker, who is arguably one of Australia’s favourite American comedians.

The love felt by Aussies for Barker is well and truly reciprocated, as he openly admits he has spent more time here than the states in the past two years. This has enabled him to understand our culture, grasp onto our mannerisms and lightheartedly poke fun at our bogan stereotype.

Barker’s Organic tour is running all throughout the year across the country, and not just the comedy festival. He has previously said believes this tour is his best work in his comical career so far.

December will see the end of his tour in Brisbane, a city that is the butt of one of his jokes during the show. Barker makes fun of the Brisbane’s nickname, Brisvegas and how there is absolutely no connection with it and Las Vegas.

Organic ranges hilariously between the delivery of jokes about Uber, Game of Thrones and the transition of being a bachelor to recently moving in with this girlfriend.

It is through his new experiences of living with his girlfriend that the name for the tour was created. Barker gives insight into the day his girlfriend came home and decided they were going to start eating organic foods, opening up his mind to a whole new genre of sarcastically delivered jokes.

Throughout the show he takes the piss of words that are used during the promotion of organic foods and how much more expensive eating organically can be, as well as making fun of himself for being one of the people following the organic trend.

In true Arj Barker style, he incorporates the audience into his show and interacts with those seated in the front row, picking on one poor girl who isn’t up to date with Game of Thrones.

Saturday’s sold out show heard laughter rebounding off the walls for the entire 70 minutes. People of all ages shared a smile and a laugh with the others sitting around them all the way to the very end.

Barker plugged his DVD’s and stickers packs and told the patrons what he does wouldn’t be possible without the audience.

If you intend seeing anybody at the Comedy Festival, definitely consider seeing Barker and his Organic show.





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