How To Survive Assignment Week!


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We are nearing to the end of semester one and the assignments are starting to hit us with no mercy. Even through sometimes it may feel as though all hope is lost, there are ways of getting through these weeks without pulling out your hair.

Here is your survival kit for assignment week:

  1. Music – We all walk through the library and see everyone with their earphones in. Music has the ability to help you concentrate more or if too loud can distract you from your work. Studies have shown that listening to music while studying or performing a task can improve attention, memory, and even your ability to do mental math. The practice of the ‘Mozart Effect’ is praised by researchers and students as it helps memory consumption. However, not many students listen to classical music so its best to find music that is relaxing but still has some tempo, so you don’t fall asleep. Hulu GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
  2. Start Early!! – We have all heard our lectures tell us to start our assignments early and not to leave them last minute. It is one of the good tips that even I haven’t been able to master. We can seem so organised during week 1-4 and then week 5 hits us like a ton of bricks. So to avoid the collision of work during week 6 and 7, get a head start. Look through your unit guide and work your timetable out in order to pace yourself. So that while the rest of the class is panicking like myself, you are as cool as a cucumber.
  3. Brain Food – They say that the stuff that is good for you usually tastes the worst and that is no exception for brain food. We all like to have something to munch on while we are studying or taking notes. However, we need to stop picking up that chocolate bar or muffin from Corner Cafe. Instead replace that with a salad, I know ‘a salad’. It even hurts me to say, but leafy vegetables and fresh fruit are really good for you, even carrots can do wonders for your health. Gum is also good for keeping you awake when your assignment starts to bore you. Which leads me to the next tip…Parks And Recreation GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
  4. Have A Break (have a kit kat) – My year 12 teacher used to tell me to take a study break and go wash the dishes, which my mother loved. However, there are 20 million things one would rather do than wash dishes on their break. A break should be 10-30 minutes intended for resting your hands from all the typing you have accomplished. You could watch a little Netflix or indulge in multiple YouTube beauty tutorials. This is your time to chill BUT don’t take a long break because you won’t want to come back to your work after 1-2 hours of bliss. Report GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
  5. A Quick Nap – We all get tired of looking at a screen for hours on end, and I’m not talking about your phones. Doing assignments can become tiring and straining on the body for those that do all nighters. Which are not good for you I may add. Having a little 1 hour nap in between your studies will allow your brain to refresh itself. Taking a siesta helps improve performance and alertness so that you can continue to do your work in a better head space when you wake up. News GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
  6. Green Tea – A hot cuppa tea can fix anything. It is no secret that green tea is good for you. Amongst all the benefits of green tea, it can also improve your brain function. So instead of bingeing on Red Bulls to keep you awake, get some green tea in your system.

Now you are equipped with the shield of survival. There is no reason why you should be a wreck during assignment week. However, exam week will be a different situation. 

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