10 Mother’s Day Cheap Deals and Ideas For Uni Students


As we say farewell to April and greet May – the special month for all mothers, many students have already begun stressing on how they’re going to meet ends and afford gifts to spoil their mothers.

On May 14, many households will be celebrating this special yearly occasion and understandably the woman who has helped raise us and lecture us daily deserves to be treated well.

It can be rather overwhelming to think of good gifts that are reasonably cheap yet still worthy of being presented to our mothers. So don’t worry! This is why we have researched and brainstormed some of the best and sentimental deals you can think of!

  1. Make your own mother’s day hamper

personalised hamper full of goodies
source: google image

You don’t have to break your bank account to show your mum how much you appreciate her but what you can do is spare some time to be creative!

What you’ll need:

Kmart for $3.50 – http://www.kmart.com.au/product/small-rectangular-basket/124046

What you can add:

  • Assorted candles. You can purchase some aroma ones from

Spotlight for $1.99 – https://www.spotlightstores.com/home/candles-candle-holders/candles/aroma-candle/p/80297188?gclid=CNmXs7XEy9MCFRYGKgodqI0FFg

  1. Customise a photo memory

Printing photos shouldn’t be a problem for any digital native and taking selfies should be a skill we have already mastered. So what better way to remind mum how awesome she is than to create a digital print item of a fond memory!

Kmart’s photo centre offers a range of selections to choose from. If your mum loves coffee and tea, a personalised mug would be perfect! And even better it won’t cost you more than $7 – http://www.kmart.com.au/photo-centres

Big W offers some great photo ideas along with free delivery to your local store. A simple yet very thoughtful gift is a key ring, which won’t cost you more than $4.17 at the most at Big W’s photo lab. They have a range of sizes and shapes to choose from which is a nice sentimental photo your mum can travel with. – https://www.bigwphotos.com.au/collections/keyrings-magnets

  1. Write a letter along with her favourite box of chocolates

With our mutual busy schedules, we may not always have the time to stop and let our mum’s know how grateful we are to have them. A nice way of reminding her would be to write a meaningful letter for mother’s day and of course partnered with some delicious chocolates.

  1. Chip in money to book a pampering salon session

If you are lucky or sometimes unlucky enough to not be a single child then make plans to equally chip in money with your siblings to organise a pampering beauty session. This would be a divine gift that she can rave on to her friends about.

  1. Sleepwear and bedtime essentials

Everyone enjoys comfortable sleepwear and those of us, including mother’s who also enjoy a nighttime skin care routine deserve some quality yet inexpensive treats.

At Best&Less their latest catalogue has some cool deals! With winter approaching their selection of cozy nighties and gowns are certain to keep your mum happy under $30. – http://www.bestandless.com.au/Sleepwear-%26-Pyjamas/Sleepwear-%26-Pyjama-Sets/c/women-sleepwear-all-sets?q=%3AnewArrival-asc%3Aprice%3A25-25.00&text=&ict=catheader-sleepwear&icn=mothersday-giftsets

  1. Travel toiletries bag

Travelling is a luxury that requires some decent planning and packing, so why not make your mum’s next trip easier by gifting her with a travel size purse set. At Colette by Hayman they can be purchased in assorted colours and sizes for $24.99 – https://www.colettehayman.com.au/collections/gift-ideas

  1. Breakfast in bed

If you enjoy cooking or skilled enough to cook a mouth watering meal, then breakfast in bed should be a priority for mother’s day. Add a cute handpicked bunch of flowers to go with the meal along with a sentimental card.

For more breakfast recipes visit – https://heartfoundation.org.au/recipes/category/breakfast?gclid=CNP1z6O7zNMCFRwKKgodZVQB8A

  1. Dedicate a touching video to mum

If you really cannot stretch your budget, that’s okay! A personal video or a collage of photos with some sweet background music and a USB is all you need to impress mum. Some great apps and programs to make videos with pictures are:

  • HYPERLAPSE from Instagram
  • Video Editor for free
  • IMovie for macs
  • Stop Motion Studio
  1. Jewellery

Jewellery gifts do not always have to be extravagant and brilliantly fancy. A simple yet meaningful necklace or ring would make a wonderful gift. At Bevilles sale range, they offer sterling pieces starting from $19.99 – https://www.bevilles.com.au/on-sale/maycatalogue?dir=asc&mode=list&order=price

  1. Surprise picnic

Family time and spontaneous trips can be difficult to organise in today’s busy day and age, however exceptions must be made for mums. Plan a trip to a nice scenic garden or park and set up a tasty BBQ to surprise mum. Melbourne offers some beautiful lookouts and destinations! Check out http://parkweb.vic.gov.au for more information.


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