All You Can Eat! Free Food on Your Birthday!



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Set that alarm for 7 am.

Presents can wait.

Cancel your birthday brunch.

Google maps at the ready.

It’s a special day, it is your birthday but more importantly, there are a number of places to receive free food. Put down your 2-minute noodles, put on your comfiest Adidas originals and start collecting your well-deserved free treats.

It is necessary *sigh* to sign up to their loyalty program in advance, so it’s best to find the ones that tickle your fancy, join up and start enjoying those ridiculous spam emails.

Look no further than DJ Khaled for some extra inspiration when the stomach begins to swell!



Pancake Parlour- a wonderful free pancake to start your birthday celebrations

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Boost – smugly walk up to that counter and receive your free choice of drink. You’ve just saved yourself $7.20.

Muffin Break – Muffins are not so overrated when you receive one on the house cause you got a year older. White chocolate and blueberry, please.





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Mrs Fields  – Light sweating & heavy breathing. You deserve an award for strength if you walk away with only your one free cookie.


Starbucks – Let’s hope your birthday is on a uni day because what doesn’t scream ‘I go to university’ more than slurping a caramel mocha frappe in the no drinks allowed section of the library. Receiving this usually overpriced drink free, makes the moment even more special.

Gloria Jeans – read above.



Subway – A free 6-inch sub and a 600ml drink… I’d love to see that.

Salsa’s – You don’t know what love feels like until you sink your teeth into a free overstuffed burrito. Money well not spent.

Spudbar – a free spud never hurt anybody, but if carbs aren’t your thing a complimentary salad is also on offer (read below).

Sumo Salad – Come on, no one is going to eat the poor salad otherwise; may as well take it if it’s free.



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Cold Rock – It’s all fun and games until your girlfriend wants two ice cream flavours and five toppings putting you in some serious food debt. How useful would a free birthday ice cream voucher be now?

Jamaica Blue – Treat yourself to a slice of cake because damn, there is nothing better than birthday cake on your damn birthday.



Red Rooster – The forgotten franchise. Best to refresh yourself on the menu before you choose your free birthday meal.

Nandos – The ‘fancy’ fast food of our youth, enjoy a complimentary meal reminiscing when 16 years old you really couldn’t afford a $12 meal but scraped enough coins to do so.   Hell, this is probably still you.

Oporto – Compare the pair (Nandos) there is no better time then to become the greatest food critique then now. Enjoy a meal on them and decide out of the two who takes the crown for best Portuguese chicken.



Krispy Kreme- sign up a good 4 weeks before and you will receive a 6 pack of original glazed doughnuts. Feel your arteries clogging up as these delectable treats dissolve in your mouth.

San Churro – Take yourself to Barcelona and indulge in complimentary churros for two. Don’t invite anyone else, keep them for you, treat YO self.



Ali Baba – What is a birthday night out without a free greasy kebab to help soak up all the mistakes you’ve made to your body.

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If you don’t eat for a week prior to your birthday this meal plan is quite realistic, right?



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