Why I’m not worried about my future


This week, Fairfax journalists went on strike over the news 125 editorial jobs will be axed. These staff voted to walk out for seven days, which will seriously impact the coverage of the upcoming federal budget.

As someone about to go into the big bad world of journalism, this sent shivers down my spine. Why am I graduating into a field that seems to be crumbling before our very eyes?

After a deep breath and a reality check, I realised that there is nothing to worry about. For any other budding journos, put down those course transfer forms, take a seat and listen up. I’m about to tell you why every little thing is gonna be alright.

The future of journalism is us.

I mean, well, myself and everyone else that wants to become a journo. We have the best advantage of all. At this very stage of the media’s progression, we don’t need to be retrained to adapt to new technology and a new way or journalism. We are living in it.

Watch this….. 

Just like a lot of the student here, my grandparents who are so used to old-school print media, were really, really sceptical of me studying journalism, they told me it was dying out.

But we are the creators, consumers, the editors, photographers and writers.

We all own a smartphone.

We all have Facebook or Twitter.

The old models are really, if you break it down, still here. We’re still getting the same information, there’s just so may different ways of getting that information to people.

Instead of dwelling on the fading out of the old models of journalism, we should embrace the exciting changes. 


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