REVIEW: Stephen K Amos, “World Famous” for Melbourne Comedy Festival 2017

Promotional picture for "World Famous". Source: Adelaide Fringe

STEPHEN K AMOS performed his show, “World Famous” at the Athenaeum Theatre on April 15, providing an hour’s worth of hysterical laughter.

Within seconds of being on stage, Amos unleashed his talents – touching on local topics such as the traffic patrol who walk around Melbourne CBD dressed in green costumes and shout, “Heads Up, Phones Down!”. He jokingly asked: “Is this how far we’ve come Melbourne? We need to be told how to cross the street?” And followed it with: “So then people will take their phones out and start filming the people in green … didn’t think that one through.”

Amos has the ability to deliver the truth in a way that everyone can relate to; it’s refreshing to see someone who is so comfortable with their sexuality on stage. Being openly gay, Amos is an advocate for same-sex marriage emphasising how dumbfounded he is that Australia is yet to catch up.

Sassy and raw, Amos delivered his jokes with a punch – making fun of himself as much as calling out a select few members of the audience who became part of the act. 

Stephen K Amos. Source: London News Online

Amos recalled his childhood memories of growing up in a Nigerian family in the UK and the struggles of aspiring to become a comedian. He shared his experiences with racism and homophobia, and stories from his travels around the world.

When a white male audience member stood to go to the toilet and shouted “hold on a minute!”, Amos, with quick wit and flare retorted with “gone are the days where you tell me what to do” with a grin of satisfaction. Everyone in the audience cheered and applauded in agreement.

A compelling storyteller and a masterful comedian, Amos never failed to make the audience break out in laughter through his commentary on social issues – even when he stumbled on his words and he called it a “stroke” he was still received with laughter.

A well-paced show with intelligent humour, thoughtful and thought-provoking. Stephen K Amos’ “World Famous” is a must see show that won’t disappoint.


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