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Spending money on fitness clubs and gyms is hardly in the top three most important things for students to spend their money on.

Keeping healthy however should be in everyone’s top three main priorities for a better wellbeing and thankfully there is now a way to do both. Every fitness club or gym provides a free trial period for possible newcomers, meaning that you can participate in fun exercises without having to break the bank.

Here is the holy grail list of workouts trending in 2017, that you can try for free!


KX Pilates 


It wouldn’t be farfetched to assume that Pilates is just a combination of impossible stretching positions, whale songs and quirky hippie instructors, but if you are going to walk into a KX studio with that mentality then we wish you all the best in your first class.

KX looks sexy; the designs of the studios are slick, bright and there are enough mirrors to see your bum from every different angle. With a maximum of 12 people per session be prepared to compete with your fellow neighbours, the instructors may say you’re a team but when it’s time to do a minute plank there is definitely no team, oh no it’s you and 11 other identical Lululemon-wearing try-hard’s fighting for the amateur KX crown. The crown is not real but in our mind’s it most definitely is.

Did we mention the instructors are hot and come in both genders? HOORAY. They may yell for the entire 50 minutes, but when their delicate hands come around to help you with your stretching all ringing in the ears seems to be forgotten.

KX is all about “working out smarter, not longer” but just like watching the clock tick in a lecture, these 50-minute sessions will make you say ‘WHAT? We are only half way, s***.’

Unfortunately, one class costs $30 and a bulk buy of sessions is over $200, which makes this with-it workout not so irresistible. To suck people in, KX offer an introductory deal where newcomers can go to 5 sessions in a two-week period for only $50. This is a bargain compared to the actual price and will give you a great idea of what Pilates workouts you can do at home for free once the trial ends.

KX Pilates website




CAUTION: Dscribe is not responsible for any of the physical torture F45 workouts will most definitely have on your innocent bodies.

If you haven’t already fallen for the fitness cult, then quickly grab your phones and find where the nearest club is to you. Instagram will make it look like everyone who goes to the 45 minute sessions are glowing gods with impeccable muscle definition and glistening sweet sweat (is that even possible), but do not fear the F45 reality is far from fit models and buff Zac Efron look a likes (although we aren’t saying these people don’t come to the sessions hint, hint).

Ages range from 16 to 70 and you do not need to be at a certain level of fitness, although if you classify yourself as useless at exercise be prepared for lots of jumping, burpees and sit-ups. We need to warn you for your safety.

With weird names like Athletica, Hollywood, T10 and Varsity you literally have no idea what you will be doing in those 45 minutes and that can either be a good surprise or bad surprise…………… who are we kidding it’s always going to be bad!

Most franchises have a one-week free trial where you can go to as many classes as possible. Morning classes range from 5.15am-9.30am and the night classes are from 5.30pm-7.30pm meaning there is a guaranteed chance you can go to at least one session a day. If you have survived and if you dare to complete both a morning and night session per day, this will definitely give you the most value from the trial.

F45 Training website  


Gym Pass



Every Gym has the motto of ‘try before you buy’, allowing possible new members to use the gym for a certain amount of time for free to see if it is suitable to them. Free passes range from five days to two weeks, with total access to all equipment and additional classes.

This article’s motto is ‘no excuses, it’s free’, therefore there is no reason why signing up to these gym trials is not in reason. Most suburbs will have at least three to four gyms within the area, allowing you to have approximately   4-5 weeks of free gym memberships if you are up for the challenge.

We call it a challenge because once your name is in the system they will do everything they can to not let you go. Just like Liam Neeson in Taken, Rob from Goodlife ‘doesn’t know who you are, but he will find you and he will kill try take your money.’

You will receive constant emails, numerous phone calls at unexpected times and even a letter to catch you off guard, but as long as you are prepared, strong willed and a good liar staying away from a costly contract will be easy.

Here is a list of popular gyms that provide free trial periods: 

Fitness First

Goodlife Health Clubs

Anytime Fitness


Fernwood Fitness

Genesis Fitness

Snap Fitness




No longer is boxing training considered solely for professional boxers and angry people who like to get hit in the face. Gotham Gym is currently the ultimate hot spot for sports stars, celebrities and Victoria Secret models to train and if you have a quick stalk of their Instagram you can see how many different people of all ages and sizes have fallen in love with the boxing ring.

Whilst Gotham Gym may be based in New York, the business’ success has encouraged local boxing gyms to pop up around Melbourne and provide free trials for doubtful onlookers. Yes, the rooms will have that classic plastic, powder, dust underarm sweat smell and yes there will most likely be big scary men with tattoos smashing the boxing bags but don’t let this make you walk for the door, boxing gets your body looking on fleek, meaning not only do you know how to punch someone but you’re also feeling confident as hell.

A perfect pair we believe.

Most clubs will offer trials for either one to 7 days so it is recommended that you find one closest to you with the most value given, as it will take a few sessions to get used to this form of training.

Here are some links to boxing gyms in Melbourne:

Fight Fit

Boxing Fit 

East End Boxing 

Knockout Fitness

Healthy Balance Fitness


Online Options 



Taking inspiration from Jane Fonda’s eighties hit aerobic videos, the trend of online fitness classes has now made the excuse ‘I have no time, no money, no confidence’ absolutely impossible to use. Feeling distressed at this revelation? Yeah so are we, but there is no time to ignore.

It is time to simply open a new tab on your Macbook and start filing through the thousands of websites, YouTube videos and blogs that allow working out at home fun, cheap and available 24/7 at the touch of your fingertips.

YogaGlo is an online yoga and meditation website that is available to you anywhere, anytime. This website is a paid subscription but offers a 15 day free trial for newbies. It has over 3,500 videos available; therefore it would be impossible to run out of workout options.

Feel free to prove us wrong.

The greatest part about online workouts is that you decide when and where you are going to do it and 95% of the time it will be in the comfort of your own home. Youtube is an incredible source for at home workout ideas as you can control what type of workout you want and over 1000 videos will be on offer.

Here are some of the most popular fitness channels available:

Turbulence Training


Fitness Blender


POPSUGAR Fitness    


Scott Herman Fitness 

Angry Trainer Fitness

Nicole Winhoffer


Obviously, by now your mind has stopped reading but imagining future you in December looking and feeling amazing. There is no reason to wait, it’s time to take advantage of these free workouts and watch how your body, mind and bank account thank you in months to come! 

Good luck  



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