Hans Zimmer Adapts His Film Scores for an Amazing Live Performance at Rod Laver

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Multi-award winning film composer Hans Zimmer performs some of his greatest scores live for Melbourne crowd.

On May 4th, the internationally renowned music composer Hans Zimmer treated thousands to an amazing performance at Rod Laver arena. The show sampled some of the best and most popular scores composed by Mr Zimmer throughout his illustrious career, spanning over 150 films, featuring themes from the Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, The Lion King, Gladiator, The Da Vinci  Code and my personal favorite, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise…of course.


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Mr Zimmer was joined on stage by Melbourne’s very own choir and orchestra, as well as his personal band which is on the tour with him, all comprising of more than fifty musicians producing music that could probably have been heard by everyone that was sleeping at the MCG that night.

The 59 year old German certainly didn’t disappoint, not only did he conduct the band, orchestra and choir through many of his songs he also frequently played the instruments himself, alternating between guitar, piano, synthesizer, keyboard and even the drums.

The multi-talented master of music kicked off the concert with an upbeat rendition of his Sherlock Holmes theme, to settle the crowd in for what would be a night full of musical intricacies that Scotland Yard’s famous detective himself would have trouble keeping track off.

From what I could tell, all of the scores were played absolutely faultlessly, every guitar strum, drum beat, piano key and violin chord were perfectly timed to create what I can only describe as beautiful music. Even people that wouldn’t necessarily consider themselves fans of Zimmer or his style of music would definitely appreciate it nonetheless.

Whether it was a rocking guitar solo or the suspenseful build of a single violin note during the Dark Knights joker theme or even the amazing vocals of Lebo M, the original singer of the Circle of Life from the Lion King, there was a lot for everyone to enjoy.

There is something about music like this, music without lyrics, that is brilliant. This sort of music doesn’t tell you exactly what to feel, but through the way the music builds and its composition you feel it anyway. Different for each person I expect, but special nonetheless. It is in every sense of the word, art. And when you can hear fifty plus instruments and voices in perfect harmony and tune it gives you a real appreciation for the genius and mind that it was first thought of in.  

score from the movie the Da Vinci Code

Mr Zimmer himself built a rapport with the crowd during the course of the performance, telling hilarious stories about being a film score composer and sometimes giving an interesting insight into how some of the works were formed.

Not that any song really needed an intro, from almost the first note of any song the crowd would thunderously applaud.

One particular song whose origin Mr Zimmer went into detail about was a score called “Aurora”, a song dedicated to those that lost their lives in Aurora, Colorado during a screening of The Dark Knight.  Mr Zimmer told of the emotion he had felt and how it inspired him to create the harrowing symphony. 


After an encore applause that I think rivaled that of Coldplay’s in Melbourne late last year, Mr Zimmer ushered credit towards his band and orchestra before sitting down to perform possibly his most famous song “time” from the Inception soundtrack.

It really was the perfect way to finish, the screen behind the choir which hadn’t featured Mr Zimmer all night finally focused on him as he played the piano throughout the masterpiece. Seemingly bringing it all back to the mind that brought it all to life.   



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