Entrepreneur Shares Secret To His Burger Success


Oh baby do you know what that’s worth, burger heaven is a place on earth. 

Just over a year ago, Geelong gained a burger place unlike any other, a place of burgers and dreams some might say.

Neon sign at Boss Burger

When Tim Harrison combined forces with Jamie Kolovos, who owns Launch Espresso in Geelong’s Westfield, the bossest burger joint in town was born, Boss Burger Co.

Harrison has always had a love for burgers, I mean who doesn’t, they’re delicious, but his love grew into a business after he noticed it was beginning to gain popularity on his personal Instagram page.

“They (burgers) started becoming so big and I, like everyone else, was eating them every chance I got, I found they were getting a big response on my personal social media so that led me to make a @burgers_of_ geelong Instagram and that’s really where it all started.”

It didn’t take long for the Instagram page to kick off and gain thousands of followers, and he decided to put that exposure to good use.

“Launch Espresso, no doubt at the time, had the best burgers in Geelong and I was always there. I formed a good relationship with the guys, we held a few burger nights there using my Burgers of Geelong social media and they just went crazy – that’s when we knew, we basically said we have to do this together permanently,” Harrison said. And thus Boss Burger was born.

Since the opening of the first Boss on Pakington Street, Harrison is about to open his third store in the new Leopold Plaza, he believes it’s a combination of passion for what he does and the people he has surrounded himself with that has made his business so successful.

Boss Burger Instagram

“Our product is amazing first of all, hard work and attention to detail. I combined myself with a set of guys from Launch that have the skills and the knowledge of the industry, we together create burgers that are fast, fresh and taste amazing,” he said.

“You have to put in. This isn’t something you just jump in and do, the hours my self and Jamie put in are crazy and I think that shows in our shop’s success and in our product.”

Harrison says the most challenging part of what he does is splitting his time evenly between Boss, his first business, which is a panel beating shop, and his wife.

“Breakwater Panels is my baby. I really love what I do there. I still go to my panel shop every morning, over to Boss at lunch, back to the panel shop for the arvo and then back to Boss for the night.”

The best advice the successful entrepreneur has to offer to those wishing to start a business is to work hard and believe in what you’re doing.

“You know the saying ‘work smart not hard’, that’s it, but also work hard. You need to have good knowledge of what you are doing and a good understanding of your product and I feel you need to have a solid network,” he says.

“I know it sounds cliche but if you believe in your self and truly believe in your product then it will show and your business with thrive.”

Head on over to their Instagram to see what all the fuss is about.


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