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‘Say It Loud’ is a fresh new talk show on YouTube, it began in March and just recently concluded its pilot season last month.

‘Say It Loud’ is not your typical talk show like ‘The View’ or ‘Studio 10’. The Sydney based web series seeks to discuss and resolve issues that are important to millennials of Australia’s African and Indigenous community today.

In turn the show gives these communities a voice and a platform to be seen.

Vanessa Ocansey

Vanessa Ocansey, the creator of ‘Say It Loud’, a 23-year-old university student started this show because she became tired of the lack of diversity on her TV screen. The only media avenue Vanessa could access to hear or see people like her was on YouTube, which has a plethora of UK and USA black based talk shows.

This frustrated Vanessa, “I got tired of hearing the perspective from the British and American diaspora. This was the birth of the concept/idea for ‘Say It Loud Show.”

The show conducts vox pops, which get the public’s opinions on issues affecting the black community like dating outside your race and religion.

Then there are the panel chats, the panel discuss topics ranging from religion, black stereotypes, racism and assimilation. ‘Say It Loud’s’ panel is a reflection of the diversity of Black Australians today.

Fasika Ayallew
• 19 years old
• Ethiopian / Filipino
• Media and Law Student
Ring Mayar
• South Sudanese
• Public Policy Development, Criminal Justice and PHD student
Vanessa Ocansey
• 23 years old
• Ghanaian
• Communication (PR) Student
Christopher Bedzo
• 27 years old
• Ghanaian / Polish
• Real Estate Agent
Kaiya Aboagye
• 27 years old
• Indigenous Australian/ Ghanaian
• Currently doing Masters of Philosophy
Shola Diop
• 28 years old
• Indigenous Australian / Nigerian
• Investment Operations Analyst
Idil Abdullahi
• 36 years old
• Somali
• Artist

It is very hard to see people of colour on commercial Australian TV unless it’s in a story about the notorious Apex gang. Positive role models of colour can only be seen on SBS, (Santilla Chingaipe) or ABC, which is something ‘Say It Loud’ is trying to tackle.

Vanessa understands that there is a lack of belonging for Black Australians in Australian media today. “In order for people to feel like they belong in Australia, and consequently want to contribute to this country, they need to feel a part of this country. It starts with seeing people that look like themselves, on TV and in the media as a whole.”

Show’s like ‘Say It Loud’ contribute greatly to the identity of Afro-Australians and Indigenous Australians and provide a sense of comfort in a country they call home.

There has been an enormous positive response from viewers about the web series, with only more growth to come.

Vanessa said, “A lot of people have commented and even emailed to say Thank You for creating a show like this, as they have felt there is a huge need for this amongst Black Australians.”

Say It Loud – Instagram comments
Say It Loud – Instagram comments
Say It Loud – YouTube comments

Vanessa is studying, working two jobs, doing an internship and other projects like the Say It Loud Show. Even though her schedule is already busy she is eagerly preparing for a next season.

“The team is going to continue creating, and hopefully do another season soon.”

‘Say It Loud’ will be coming down to Melbourne for their next project, so watch this space. There are only bigger and better things to come.





YouTube: Say It Loud Show


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