Grovedale streets are told to be prepared. Source by Hadia Atef

Grovedale and Belmont residents are being told to get ready for the NBN, with construction of the high-speed internet service set to start in the coming months.

The set date is still be to announced, however households are being told that the new land-line phone and internet network is currently being rolled out and may include construction work in the area.

Grovedale resident Peter Kropp said this will affect him and many others in the local area.

“They haven’t given us an exact date of when the work will begin, they’ve just warned us about it basically. They have said there will be some temporary footpaths and road closures and the typical loud noise.” he says.

Torquay Road, Grovedale is one of the roads mentioned. Source by Hadia Atef

Residents are being told the works will include cables being installed through existing pipes or on existing overhead power poles.

Digging and drilling on public property such as under footpaths or nature strips is also expected.

The network construction will not only affect households but shops and centres around the area including Lifeline Medical Centre.

Sue Daws from Lifeline said, although this move was considering good for phone and internet changes, it may be a bit difficult for centres during the construction stage.

“Our medical clinic is located on Torquay Road which is already busy enough with cars passing by. Once the construction gets under way it’ll make it twice as worse. It will be difficult for patients to try and come into our parking or to park on the road.” she says.

The NBN has advised people they should park their vehicles in private driveways instead of on the road, where possible.

Daws also mentioned it makes it difficult for her workplace. “Our clinic is run by appointments and previously when we’ve had road works we’d also then have patients running late due to the busyness on the road, so it makes it difficult for us,” she said.

Belmont/Grovedale area to be affected. Source by Hadia Atef

Another local resident Brooke Ellan had received notification of the NBN construction works. “If the new network is going to be a faster than now internet connection then I’ll be happy with it all. Although I don’t personally use land lines, I know older people around my area who would benefit from the new land line phones,” she said.

Although no dates have been set, the work is expected to commence shortly and may take multiple visits for work to be fully completed.

The NBN said residents would be told when their property was ready to be connected.




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