Break-Ins, Theft And Damage – Securing Your Car’s Safety

Tinted windows are believed to discourage theft source: google images

Over the last year, Victoria’s car theft rate has rocketed with data from the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC) showing a staggering 26% increase over the year. 

Victim of this crime, Deakin University student Brayden Balero who resides in Melbourne’s South East discovered his belongings were missing from his car early Sunday morning on 19th of February, just a week before starting his third of university. 

Shortly after the discovery of his missing belongings, the University student reported the incident to Narre Warren Police. He was advised to not touch his car as it was filed under a theft case. 

As a result of this unexpected crime, Brayden lost up to $2,000 worth of items, including his birth certificate, ATAR results, awards earned through school and other important documents. All of which was safely placed inside a folder before it got into the hands of the thief who violated Brayden’s privacy. 

Taking personal action on his social media, Brayden posted:
“Being a full time uni student, I carry my laptop everywhere and starting (uni) next week, I was being organised. I usually don’t leave it in my car but it’s so easy to forget that its in the boot.” 

“I lost my laptop which had all of my previous university work, my Canon camera was also taken amongst the list of my personal belongings, all which I heavily relied on.” 

The valuable items that Brayden lost that day still haven’t been recovered. Theft, property damage and vehicle robbery are closely linked crimes. Ever since the incident occurred, Brayden has taken extra precaution to prevent the misfortune from happening again. 

“It’s a hard and a very expensive lesson learnt. It’s important to take the extra time to ensure there is nothing valuable in your cars for criminals to steal, even if its the smallest thing.”

Toyota car dealership, sales manager – Tony Ross advises for all drivers to invest in car security. 

“Unfortunately no one is immune to breaks-ins and vehicle damage. There’s been a rise in vehicle damage and robbery, so for this reason we must consider the security of our properties.”

It is important to conduct plenty of research on the crime rates of your area to understand how likely a robbery will be. With many university students unable to afford to pay for any damages especially with a restricted schedule. It is well worth the effort to pursue protection for your car. 

“A GPS tracking device is a must as it can assist in locating any stolen vehicles. Also a car alarm will come in handy to deter thieves, a dash cam is useful in case of an accident and installing tinted windows will make the search for valuables a lot harder.” Mr. Ross shares, acknowledging Brayden’s story as some of his former clients have experienced similar incidents. 

A lack of car security can create many headaches as police, insurance companies, family and local communities require getting involved. Suspicious activity usually occurs few hours before midnight and around early morning. To avoid the dangers of vehicle related crime, a smart investment into some locks, cameras and alarms could be the reason why your car remains safe next time opportunistic criminals lurk around. 


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