Geelong Muay Thai fighter is ready to punch on in pro fight

Muay Thai fighter, Troy Treadway, can pack a punch. Image: Lionel Baker

20-YEAR-OLD local Muay Thai fighter, Troy Treadway, is gearing up for his second professional fight this Saturday.

Mr Treadway trains at Everlasting Gym in South Geelong three times a week with his coach and gym owner, Andrew Steen.

“Troy started back at our Everlasting Gym in North Geelong. He come down with the family, and I think he started out with his dad really – to get fit,” said Mr Steen.

“But then over the years he was getting better, so we put him in the first step to Inter-club sparring, which was semi-contact; he did really well in that, and he enjoyed it. So, from that – if you look at him now, he’s pretty much 100 per cent committed.”

Coach and Everlasting Gym owner, Andrew Steen (left) & Muay Thai fighter, Troy Treadway. Image: Lionel Baker

Muay Thai fighters must be disciplined and undertake a rigorous training regime to ensure that they can perform to the best of their ability during a fight. Mr Treadway trains every opportunity he gets, and it’s just as much work outside of the gym as it is in.

“You have to be disciplined with your food, 100 per cent. You can’t indulge yourself all the time because you need to stay at a constant weight. You need to keep your fitness up, so you need to be physically strong. You can’t go out drinking and you can’t go out partying all the time,” said Mr Treadway.

He believes that the hard work he puts in, and all the sacrifices he makes are well worth it.

“I love fighting! Fighting is actually the best thing – it’s just basically what I thrive for now. If I didn’t have this, I don’t know what I’d be doing,” he said.

Mr Treadway said that in the ring he has to trust his body and allow his instincts to take over.

“You can’t really think too much because if you think for like a second or two, then you’re going to get punched in the face or kicked in the head,” he said.

“So, you just gotta rely on what your body knows and what you’re trained to do. A lot of the time you can hear your trainer in the corner – that’s all I can hear. Just him yelling at me what to do, because he sees things that I can’t. So, I try to listen to him as much as I can. But otherwise, nothing; it’s just blank. I’m just in the moment.”

Mr Steen coaching Mr Treadway, from the sidelines. Image: Lionel Baker

Mr Steen opened Everlasting Gym as the first Muay Thai Gym in Geelong to continue being able to train, and pass on his knowledge from over the years. He made the move from Melbourne.

“It’s just such a pure fighting system. Punching, kicking, kneeing, elbow. It really helps with fitness,” said Mr Steen.

“We’ve trained kids from the age of 6. Our oldest student is 55. But in between that we’ve squeezed in all different shapes and sizes on different fitness levels, coordinated and uncoordinated people. So, pretty much anyone and everyone can do Muay Thai.”

Mr Treadway’s girlfriend, Gabby Posilovic, isn’t too fond of the sport because of how violent it can be, and has witnessed Mr Treadway suffer a bad injury from it before.

“I feel like I’m going to throw my guts up half of the time, but I can’t keep my eyes off it,” she said.

“When he broke his eye socket during training I was here with him, and I just kind of sat there and there was nothing I could honestly do, apart from say, ‘you’re going to be okay.’ It just sucks not being able to do anything…”

Despite the blood, sweat and tears involved, Mr Treadway said it all pays off when you win a fight.

“The feeling when you get your hand raised in that centre ring, there’s nothing like it. If I could bottle it up and sell it, I’d be a millionaire. The feeling is just mental, just the crowd going mental, all your family and friends, and all that training that you’ve done for 6 to 10 weeks coming up to that moment to get your hand raised in that centre ring is the best feeling in the world,” he said.

Mr Steen is proud to have Mr Treadway as a member of his gym.

“To bring someone from nowhere, now up to actually being a coach and training fighters – passing on their knowledge, you couldn’t ask for anymore. He’s pretty much become a role model around the club. Muay Thai has become his life really, it’s become a lifestyle, which really, it needs to be,” said Mr Steen.

Mr Treadway said it is important to have a good relationship with your trainer.

“He’s like one of my best friends, he can be a hard ass at times which is understandable, because I’m one of his fighters and he has to keep me in line – but other than that, he’s like a best friend, I can talk to him about anything I need to,” said Mr Treadway.

He hopes to one day earn his own title belt.

Troy Treadway’s upcoming fight is, Warriors Way 19, at Doncaster Shoppingtown Hotel on Saturday, June 3.






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