Behind The Scenes Of A Fitness Blogger


Ah Instagram! The lovely photogenic, candid world of Instagram.

The platform that started off as the place where it was socially acceptable to post up photos of what you’re eating, now,

it is the place where you can be come ‘insta-famous’ by uploading very filtered and edited photos of yourself doing a cool yoga pose on a beach.

It’s used by millions of people across the globe, who want to share their travel adventures, their fitness journey or even just promoting their photography skills.

However, the most searched up ‘tag’ on Instagram right now is “#fitness” “#fitnessblogger” “#healthylife”. Female fitness Instagrammers have taken over the famous social media platform, sharing their workouts, eating habits and giving their daily dose of #fitspo (fit inspiration) and #mondaymotivation

Girls all over the world are looking up to these fitness bloggers because they are apparently “#bodygoals”, posing in bikinis and crop tops with their defined abs and thigh gaps. 


Recently there have been several fitness bloggers from around the world who have gone public about their Instagram photos. Madalin Giogetta was only one of many who told Huffington Post how easy it is to fake a ‘flattering’ bikini selfie, by just changing the way she stood, and using different lighting. 

Amal, owner of @body_sculpt_sisters is a 40 year old Muslim woman with four lovely children. 

After 12 years as an interior designer, Amal found a new passion after taking up her own fitness journey. Beginning her journey at Fernwood Fitness (all female gym), she discovered her love for the fitness industry and more importantly for the niche market of Muslim woman wanting to be fitter in an all female environment. 

Amal decided to take up her passion for fitness to another level by obtaining her Personal Training qualifications, which made her eligible to work at Fernwood Fitness. 

Amal wanted to continue to pursue her fitness goals while empowering other women in the community to do so as well. 

“I found a lot of Muslim women would come to Fernwood, but they never seemed confident to be free and enjoy working out in a comfortable environment”, Amal explains.

It was not long until Amal decided to start her own business of personal training and group sessions for females in her community from the comfort of her own home this year. 

“I created @body_sculpt_sisters because, we’re all sisters in one community all empowering each other, no judgement, just empowering each other to be fit, strong and healthy”, Amal says. 

The fitness Instagram world is better known for its super-fit 20 year olds with a large followings and picturesque photos. It’s safe to admit that we can all get intimidated by this. 

However, not for Amal! Amal only has half a thousand followers and with the help of her daughter, her photos are a real as it can get. 

“What you see is what you get, I am who I am. You follow me because I empower you, I’m not out there to get more followers. I’m only out there to educate”. 

Introducing another fitness blogger who gave the D*Scribe team a sneak peak into her world, is Alice (@alice3vans). 

On the completely other side of the spectrum, Alice is 20 years old who always had a soft spot for fitness and health. Unlike many of her friends, Alice decided not go to university but instead pursue her passion in fitness by completing her certificate 3&4 in personal training. 

She is currently a personal trainer at the latest Australian found leading-edge fitness training centre, F45. 

Although she’s had her Instagram account for almost seven years now, it was not until the last year and a half that she decided to focus it more on ‘having a positive mindset’, and the ‘the importance of health and fitness’. 

Since then, her follower base has grown to 7,300 followers, which can be sometimes be daunting, Alice explains. 

“Sometimes it does (get to me). It keeps you very on track, you can’t fall off the rails, or be posting things of your partying because you have so many people looking up to you. You need to be that role model.” 

Alice expresses how being placed in that ‘Insta-fit’ group has taught her a lot, and changed her perspective on issues that most young girls face and that is, comparing ourselves to other girls. 

“I’ve learnt that you can’t compare yourselves to others all the time, because a lot of the people when they post photos it’s when they’re at their best, so you can’t think they’re always like that,” Alice explains.

Despite how stressful social media can be, with all the trends to stay up to date with, the colourful photos, the “perfect” bodies, and the unrealistic presentation of food snaps, these two women Amal and Alice have fought through all that, to achieve one goal, and that’s to empower women around them and share their love for fitness and health. 

Amal and Alice both have aspirations to each open up their own studio one day to continue empowering females and help their local community by educating them about fitness, positive body image, and the importance of health/wellbeing. 



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