REVIEW: Banks’ sold-out show at the Forum Theatre in Melbourne

Banks performing at the Forum Theatre in Melbourne. Image: Lionel Baker

BANKS has just finished up in Australia, after performing at Splendour in the Grass and five side shows.

Banks’ first sold out show in Melbourne was unreal. The audience went wild as she appeared on stage – a silhouette emerged through the smoke, while she moved her body with the music.

As Banks revealed herself in the coloured light – dressed in a striking black outfit – she commanded the stage, while cheers and screams created a momentary blanket of white noise. Energetic and unstoppable, her vocals had so much soul and power it left you in awe.

Banks’ two backup dancers were equally as passionate; dressed in a mesh fabric which informed their dance moves, as their arms reached out in different directions, their bodies contorted to the ethereal choreography.

Banks performing with her backup dancers. Image: Lionel Baker

Hearing her sing live was amazing. You could feel the pain she felt when she wrote each song, just from the pure emotion in her voice. A fast-paced concert, she performed her hits, Begging For Thread, Waiting Game, Gemini Feed and Brain, to mention a few. She didn’t talk much during her setlist, though her words were meaningful when she did. Despite being softly spoken, she captivated the audience.

“Melbourne, I love you so much… I really do. Thank you for everything.”

The audience sang and danced together, as Banks interacted with the crowd. She urged them to sing louder, and reached out to touch the hands of the people at the front of the mosh-pit.

The highlight of the concert was when Banks slowed things down and performed an intimate rendition of her debut song, Better. She took a moment to request that everyone put away their phones.

“Melbourne, if you could please put away your phones for this one and be in the moment with me. I want you to appreciate this moment right now… This is to all of you who have been there since the beginning.”

A snippet of Banks’ rehearsal of Better, at the Forum in Melbourne:

I could riff like this for hours on end. It relaxes every part of my body. Meditativemelodies.

Posted by BANKS on Tuesday, 25 July 2017


It was so powerful to see no technology, just everyone present, in the moment. She was vulnerable and opened herself up to the audience, her heart on her sleeve with every note that reverberated the theatre. The stripped down version of Better, allowed Banks’ vocals to shine through effortless riffs and mesmerising melismas. She gave meaning to her lyrics.

Banks was unforgettable, an empowering experience. An artist that knows how to make you feel something.



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