Your Guide to the Queen Victoria Night Market


Every year when winter rolls in, the glorious Queen Victoria Night Market hits our city. With delicious food, beautiful crafts and fun activities all under the pretty lights, people flock in their thousands every Wednesday night in winter to see what the market has to offer.

The markets are set to come to an end this Wednesday night, so be sure to head into the city if you get a chance to experience one of winter’s greatest activities in Melbourne.

If you have never been to the Queen Vic Night Market before use these tips as your go to guide!

Dress for the cold

Even though there can be thousands of people in the market place, it can get absolutely freezing. Make sure you grab a warm jacket and a scarf to avoid getting cold. There are fires  and heaters in the market although there is nothing worse than waiting in line for some delicious paella or soup and being absolutely freezing.

Try more than one thing

If you are going in a group, try a range of different foods and share the cost. Rather than getting an authentic Italian pizza and watching all of your friends eat other delicious foods like fondue or a souvlaki, why not all split so you can have your cake and eat it too. It can be quite costly at the market, especially for a student, so splitting with a friend to try a few things can work out cheaper for you in the end, and you get to eat LOTS of delicious food. It’s a win-win really! After you have had dinner, don’t forget the best part… dessert. There are some tasty treats like hot apple crumble,  fresh lemon meringue pies, ice cream served in a churro bowl and pretty much anything else your heart and hungry tummy could desire!

Don’t be afraid to try something new

Being at the market is a great place to try new foods you haven’t eaten before. With a huge range of foods originating from different countries like paella or fondue, you definitely have the luxury of choice. If you have never tried something before, why not give it a go at the night market! Fondue Corner serves authentic Swiss fondue with meat and is absolutely delicious. If you feel like something different, this is a great choice! Souvlakis, paella, arancini balls and tacos are just some of the foods you can try at the night market. Be bold and adventurous and dabble in something you haven’t ever tasted before.

Be prepared to wait in line

Yes, all of the food at the night market is delicious but make sure you are aware that you will probably have to wait in line up to 15 -20 minutes to get the food you have been thinking about all day. The market runs from 5pm-10pm so if you get there early enough, the lines won’t be an issue for you but if you are there when the crowds are at their peak, prepare yourself for some standing around. If you aren’t a fan of being in big crowds, head to the market when they open at 5pm and beat the rush.

Enjoy everything while you are there, not just the food

Although the Queen Victoria Night Market is famous for the food, there are so many fun activities to enjoy while you are there. Grab your other half or your group of friends and drag them to the silent disco or into the photo booth to create unforgettable memories of your time at the market. You will find psychics to tell you your future and a neon playground of fun so be sure you don’t miss anything while you are there. There is live music on the stage all night, so make sure you go and sit down with your dinner dessert and enjoy the talent Melbournian musicians have to offer!

Don’t forget to check out the craft stores

Even though you are probably heading to the market to fill your belly with scrumptious food, don’t forget to check out the local crafters of Melbourne. With stores that provide home made wheat packs to small plants and lights, there will be something there for everyone. Alongside the homemade crafts, there are stalls filled with beautiful art made by Melbournians that is worth going to have a look at before you head home with a big smile and a full belly.

Go to The Queen Victoria Night Market website to see all of the stores they have! 

All images supplied by Jassy Batrouney @ Dscribe


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