‘It Is Conduct Unbecoming A Senator’ – Deakin Student Survey Shows

Source: Financial Review

A recent survey completed by 80 students from Deakin University across all three campuses and faculties, has shown that 62% of students agree that Senator Pauline Hanson’s burqa stunt in Parliament amounted to strong misconduct, and she should step down from Parliament. 

Senator Hanson walked into the Senate wearing a full covering burqa to “expose security risks”, and faced a severe backlash from both members of Parliament and members of the public.

Many have claimed the stunt was disrespectful to an entire religion, and ‘abused an accepted religious dress code’, according to Senator Lines. 

Source: news.com.au

The D*Scribe team reached out to Deakin University students through social media platforms, calling out for students to raise their voice, share their thoughts and concerns. They were asked:

“Do you think Pauline Hanson should resign from Parliament following her stunt last week?”

Answer options provided were:

  1. Yes – it is conduct unbecoming a senator
  2. No – while her conduct was unbecoming, it isn’t a serious enough breach to merit her resignation
  3. No – I support Pauline Hanson 100%


It was not a large surprise to see that almost 62% of students thought that this type of conduct was unbecoming of a senator.

While 37% did agree that her conduct was inappropriate, they did not think it was serious enough to resign from her position. 

Only 1% of the group of students who undertook this survey supported Pauline Hanson completely. 

A discussion was begun following this survey on the Deakin University Political Space Facebook page, with students expressing their opinions to this issue.

A Facebook user by the name of Michael said: “I hardly think showing up in a burka should be cause for her to resign. It was distasteful, probably offensive (I’m not going to claim offense on someone else’s behalf, here), a needless spectacle and a waste of time, and it was irrelevant to anything discussed in recent memory in parliament, just a continuation of her Muslim-hate”.

 Another Facebook user, Emily, says “obviously there’s a line somewhere, not sure where it is but I don’t think that this was it”. 

Senator Hanson has told Sky News on August 25th that she recommends government to include a question in the same-sex marriage plebiscite, which asks the Australian public whether they also want to ban all full face coverings in government buildings and public spaces.

Senator Hanson faced a stern reprimand from the Attorney-General as well as Labor Party and Greens members, and the stunt was described as “an offence to religious sensibilities” by the Attorney-General. 

Currently the decision remains that Pauline Hanson continues her role, but has been given a strong warning by both Parliamentary members and the wider community. 


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