Find out what drives this young, award-winning auctioneer

Kevin Chokshi officially in the top 2% Ray White Group across Australia & New Zealand. Source by Kevin Chokshi Facebook.


Kevin Chokshi is in the top 2% of staff in the Ray White Group across Australia & New Zealand. Source by Kevin Chokshi Facebook.

Kevin Chokshi has been a rising force in the real estate industry for the past two years and has reached a high mark – he’s just been named among the top performers at Ray White across Australia and New Zealand.

Chokshi is considered Ray White’s No. 1 Senior Auctioneer. Source by Kevin Chokshi Facebook.

He’d been a finalist for the past two years and had been named Ray White’s Number 1 Chosen Auctioneer but the latest achievement, the Alan White Elite Performer accolade, is a pinnacle for Chokshi.

Find out what drives this man in his late 20s, and how he has made it so far, in this Q & A session where he talks exclusively with D*scribe.

Who is Kevin Chokshi and where did it all begin?
“At the age of 18 I migrated to Australia from India to study Information Technology. As a university student, my primary goal was to get a degree and also get my Australian Citizenship so I could stay here. I didn’t know anyone here when I first moved as all my family were in India at the time. English is not my first language but I spoke English at home in India. As I finished uni, I realised that IT was not what I was good at and neither did I enjoy it. It was time to look for something else. I fell into real estate by accident.

Kevin Chokshi is on of the youngest Auctioneers in Victoria. Source by Kevin Chokshi Facebook.

While I was working at a local service station, I was chatting to one of the customers one day and she suggested real estate. Next minute, I had a meeting with her boss who owned a Ray White business in Lara and it all started. My first day in the industry was August 15, 2011. I had no knowledge of the local real estate at that time as I had never bought or sold a home and I had no family here that had either. All I had was a strong will and a hungry belly to succeed.”

Real Estate Chief Auctioneer Kevin Choskhi at one of his auctions. Source by Kevin Chokshi Facebook.

What do you like the most about your job and why?
I love changing people’s lives. My work allows me to do that. In essence, when I sell people’s homes for huge prices, well above what they could ever dream of, they feel like they have just won the lottery. I not only make friends for life, I get well rewarded for a job well done. This job pays incredibly well if you are great at it.”

From an average 18-year-old to where you are now, how was it possible?
“The two biggest things that I feel have helped me reach here today are my drive and perseverance. In simple words, if me and one of my competitors start running on a treadmill, unless they get off first, I am not going to stop. I am willing to die walking on the treadmill. It’s the ‘want’ that comes from within and it can’t be trained. I have it, probably more than most people. And it’s been there for years, nothing makes it go away. No matter how much adversity. The other thing that is critical is practice. I practice my craft. Like Bruce Lee said: “Don’t fear the man that practices 1000 different kicks, but fear the man that practices one kick a thousand times!”

Chokshi behind the scenes, creating his advertisements. Source by Kevin Chokshi Facebook.

You’ve had a number of huge successes, but which one is considered Chokshi’s all time favorite?
“One of my biggest successes was actually becoming an auctioneer. I was one of the youngest and only migrant auctioneer in the country at the time. When I first commenced my career in real estate, I still had my part-time job at the servo in the evenings. I used to watch auction videos on YouTube and make notes and practice when the servo was not busy. This was my start to auctioning. I have never had any formal auction coaching, it’s all learnt by copying others and practicing.
A year later, I won the Novice Auctioneer of the year award for Ray White and then last year I was crowned as the number 1 Senior Auctioneer in Victoria and Tasmania, which is the highest honor bestowed upon an auctioneer.

Chokshi’s biggest success was buying his first home. Source by Kevin Chokshi.

One of my other big successes which I am very proud of is buying a beautiful home. I started with $2500 in my pocket and two bags of clothes in 2006 and 10 years later I bought my first home which was a huge highlight for me.”

Who comes to your mind when the word ‘support’ gets mentioned?
I have had a lot of support from my family, especially my mother. She is a very strong woman and one thing she does best is provide loads of encouragement. My dad is a very hard working person and that became a part of my DNA growing up. I have had good friends along the way and my partner now is certainly very supportive of my career and ambitions.

A house worth more than $1 million sold by Chokshi. Source by Ray White.

My two assistants are certainly my biggest support at work! (They) always have my back and keep me on my feet. It’s always a great work atmosphere with them.
Overall, I try to surround myself with positive people so that has a big influence on my day-to-day attitude. I try to stay away from any negative influences at all times.”

Let’s step out of work … who is the Kevin Chokshi when he’s not in a suit?
“When I am not in my suit and tie, I am usually in my trackies at home or at the gym. I love being active. I watch a little bit of television but not too much. I like reading but now I listen to audio books. I love going out for a nice meals and a few drinks with friends. I enjoy a game or two of pool on the weekend as well. And I love cars, they are certainly a weak spot. I go for drives on the weekend in my car, it’s a very quick machine!”

Even outside the office, Chokshi loves to be active. Source by Kevin Chokshi Facebook.

Would you recommend young people consider real estate as a career?
“I would highly recommend this field to university students especially if they are self motivated. It’s a job where you can choose your own hours, be your own boss and write your own pay check. It all starts with the hustle.”

And any final tips for readers, in terms of reaching their goals?
I cannot stress enough on what I am about to say. You become what you think and what you think, you become. Have a clear vision and some set goals. Most young people spend more time planning their weekend or their next holiday than they do planning their future! It’s a pitfall. They have a golden opportunity and an incredible asset – time. You can’t buy it no matter how wealthy you are. So I advice them to use it wisely. Once it’s gone, it won’t come back. And be clear about what they want. 

Chokshi receives Premier Status in the International Ray White Group. Source by Kevin Chokshi Facebook.




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