Colourful ears? Oh yes!

Source: Ashlee Gercovich

Ashlee Gercovich had planned her outfit for local music festival, Groovin’ the Moo, but she was still in desperate need to find the perfect accessories to match.

She took matters into her own hands and decided to make her own earrings for the May event, and that’s when All Tasseled Up was born.

“When purchasing the supplies for the earrings from the craft shop, I noticed that the products I wanted to purchase were only available in bulk packages,” she said.

Source: Ashlee Gercovich

Ashlee created multiple pairs of earrings for herself and her friends for the festival. A creative flare has now turned into a flourishing small business.

Ashlee is currently studying a Bachelor degree of Education, as well as working at a local pizza restaurant and as a pool lifeguard. Somewhere in Ashlee’s busy lifestyle, she creates the beautiful handmade earrings.

“I live quite a busy lifestyle, so any stage I get a free moment I am working on or improving my business as well as completing orders,” she said.

All Tasseled Up creates custom-made tassel earrings fit for every occasion. Each pair of earrings comes packaged with a personalised water colour painting of the custom earrings.

Ashlee has more than 200 different tassel colours to choose from. Customers can pick either silver or gold earrings and then the tassel design choices are endless. With the extreme versatility of the product, it is very rare that any two would be the same. 

Source: Ashlee Gercovich

“I am constantly seeking inspiration and possibilities to grow All Tasseled Up further, regarding design,” Ashlee said.

All Tasseled Up is based in Ballarat, Victoria, but the earrings have been shipped all over Australia. Primarily, the earrings are sold by direct messages on Instagram and Facebook.  

“I am currently in the process of designing an All Tasseled Up website,” Ashlee said.

Source: Ashlee Gercovich

Ashlee was recently selected to host a stall at the local creator’s market in early August. Ashlee’s mother, Sue, manned the stall for the day, as Ashlee was busy with netball.

“It was All Tasseled Up’s first stall … The market was great exposure and I am eager to continue distributing products through markets – especially when the warmer weather hits,” she said.

Source: Ashlee Gercovich

Ashlee was asked to make some ‘out there’ earrings by her friend, Holly, for a music festival in Byron Bay, in July. Instead of just using tassels, Ashlee incorporated pom-poms as well.

Source: Ashlee Gercovich

“I have had such an overwhelming response from the public and am absolutely stoked,” she said.

Ashlee controls her order intake based on the amount of advertising she does on her social media outlets. Although, since May, Ashlee believes that she has made close to 250 pairs of earrings since beginning her business.  

“I’d never really thought that I would be running a small business at the age of 19, but due to this young age, I think it’s mandatory to have fun in every aspect of life. All Tasseled Up provides me with an escape from university, part time work and everything else that life may throw at me,” Ashlee said.



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