Is Gen X Asking A Bit Too Much From Gen Y These Days?

Gen X is considered from 1961-1981 while Gen Y is from early 1908s to early 2000s. Source from EntWickler.

Is it true that Gen X is starting to give Gen Y a bit of a hard time lately?

Gen X is considered from 1961-1981 while Gen Y is from early 1980s to early 2000s. Source from EntWickler.

Job hunting is a tricky situation every individual goes through at some point in their lives.

Born in 1994, Gen Y’s Peta Clarke, who is a full time university student and pathology worker, believes Gen Xers are expecting too much from Gen Yers and they should put them selves in Gen Y shoes for a day.

“I certainly believe that Gen X do judge us harshly, not all but maybe the majority. Everything is different now compared to back then,” she says.

A Deloitte 2017 survey shows young people struggle to find work. Source by Deloitte.

According the the 2017 Deloitte Millennial Survey, Australian youth feel aggrieved and frustrated by the way things are being run. Clarke is one of them.

“Everything is more expensive and our wages don’t rise up by much, so we spend a lot more time chasing our tails than they did. They complain about how we’re lazy towards our studies but we’re honestly not,” she says.

The increasing job difficulty is certainly an area facing a lot of debate according to research group Child Trends.

Job hunting is getting harder for Gen Y. Source by Hadia Atef

According to the Deloitte Survey, only 8 per cent of young people considered as generation Y, believe they’ll be better off than their parents.

Generation X’s Leanne Abbott, who is a full time receptionist, agrees people in her generation can be quick to judge and it’s not always fair on the youth who are being generalised and their hard work not being noticed.

“Instead of being too quick to judge negatively we should appreciate the good things they do, so it helps them be motivated to do even better for our future,” she says.

Source by Trivantis.-

Most of the debate sits on Gen X commenting on Gen Y being too lazy, not having enough skills, being too self obsessed and thinking everything is deserved to be handled down without any work and effort.

“My own kids are Gen Y and all I ever see them doing is working hard and striving for better. They study better than I ever could and the effort they put into their work always amazes me,” she says.

According to some individuals, Gen X expect too much from Gen Y. Source by Us.Experteer.

On average, Gen Y workers tend to change jobs on a regular basis compared to Gen X.
To Gen X this may be interpreted as being too demanding of the job. However could equally be just the desire of fulfilling the job’s requirement, and wanting to develop and grow into different careers and be able to challenge themselves so that greater jobs come to hand.

Managing work and life balance is important for young generations. Source by Static.Independent.

When it comes to managing work and life balance, comments have been made that the younger generation often care too much about having fun and not working hard.

Clarke certainly disagrees.
“Having a desire for a high quality of life isn’t being lazy. We’re just more concerned about being happy in and out of work rather then being all about money, money and more money so hence we’re happy to structure our working days around our jobs and daily lives,” she says.

Generation Y consists of people who were born from the late 1980s to early 1990s as appose to Gen X who are from years 1961-1981.


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