Bustling Brunswick Cafe Providing Free Avo For Poor Renters

Can we really save up for a home and have avocado, too?

To rent your own property, or to indulge in a smashed avo on toast breakfast?

A hip cafe in Melbourne’s inner city is making the decision a lot easier, handing out free avocado to property renters all week.

Lux Foundry Cafe, located in Brunswick East is running an “Avo-assist” program – where those renting a property around Melbourne will receive a free side of avocado with any meal purchased from September 4 to 8.  

Lux Foundry is giving away a side of free avocado for every non-home owner. Image via Lux Foundry Instagram

The cafe’s promise to penniless patrons comes on the back of comments made by Australian millionaire and real estate mogul Tim Gurner earlier this year.

During his appearance on 60 minutes in May, thirty-five year old Mr Gurner said he was able to purchase his first house in his early 20’s thanks to a strict gym and work routine.

“When I had my first business at nineteen, I was in the gym at 6am in the morning and I finished at 10.30 at night and I did it seven days a week and I did it until I could afford my first home,” he said on the program.

“When I was trying to buy my first home, I wasn’t buying smashed avocado for $19 and four coffees at $4 each.”

The interview sent social media into meltdown around the world and Lux Foundry‘s marketing manager Taylor saw Mr Gurner’s comments as a great way to promote the cafe and give back to their loyal customers. 

“The free avocado week was based on the 60 minutes interview earlier this year on housing; we had seen the traction it got on Facebook and thought it was pretty impressive,” he said.

“It created a reaction so we tapped into that… we thought it would be a great way to get the name of Lux Foundry out there more, create some excitement and show that the cafe is on the same side as out target audience.”

Throughout the week, customers need to show their rental agreement to add a free side of avo to any meal purchased.

Just two days into the avo-assist program and it is proving a hit with customers and the Brunswick cafe. 

Taylor said word is spreading about the cafe’s initiative through social media and the press, while property rental customers are enjoying a smashing breakfast – a win/win situation in his eyes.

Completing every dish with a free side of avo. Image: Lux Foundry Instagram

With the first food campaign marked a success, the Lux Foundry team are looking forward to sharing more tasty, topical treats with customers in the future.

“This was the first time we did something like this. Our goal was to spread our name in the press and we did,” Taylor said.

“We will do something like this again in the future, maybe a limited edition dish. It will definitely be something topical.”  

You can cash in on your free side of avo before the end of the week.


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