Netflix Has Control Of My Life


I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m a Netflix addict. I’ll watch anything from rom-coms to thrillers and drama to documentaries. If it’s on Netflix, chances are I’ve seen it. OK, so I probably haven’t seen everything, but I reckon I’m getting close.

My favourite extra-curricular activity is finding a new TV series and spending hours in my bed, binge watching until my eyes are square. I’m well aware that this isn’t ideal while in my final semester of uni, but once I’ve opened that tab up, it’s procrastination station.

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It does catch up with me, though. It gets to Sunday night and I have a 2000-word essay due Monday and I hate myself for having been caught in the black hole of entertainment that is Netflix.

One of the worst things to have come from my Netflix addiction is that I have a tendency to become emotionally attached to the characters in a TV show if I’ve watched more than five episodes. I feel their pain, their joy and I cry along with them.

It wasn’t until recently that I realised I might have a bit of a problem. I was sitting there updating my list of TV shows — what episode I’m up to, the next time an episode is released, whether I’m waiting for a new season — when my boyfriend turned to me and said: “What in God’s name is that? You don’t actually keep a list of all the TV shows you watch, do you?” I don’t know if it was the tone of surprise in his voice or the look of bewilderment on his face that made me think, OK, maybe this isn’t normal. I told him I kept a list because I didn’t want to fall behind or miss any episodes.

I live my life vicariously through these characters on my TV screen. I need to know if Rick Grimes survives the zombie apocalypse or if Harvey Spectre finally gets his name on the firm wall.

I’m not sure if it’s a procrastination strategy or if I genuinely have an issue and need a Netflix intervention — probably a combination of the two if I’m completely honest.

Uni and life stresses have a tendency to catch up with me, so I think I use it as a way to really immerse myself in another world, step out of reality for a few hours and let the drama of the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode take my mind elsewhere.

With the end of my university degree nearing and pressures of entering the adult world, I can’t see myself stopping the Netflix thing just yet, but I do believe there is hope for me.

Maybe I’ll open up a Netflix rehabilitation centre for other addicts and we can all help each other from being trapped by the alluring nature that is Netflix binge watching.


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