Dream Big and Set Goals … Now That’s a Healthy Option


Dream Big. Set Goals. Take Action. This will help you achieve what you want.

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That’s the key message from psychology professor Frank L. Smoll’s blog titled ‘Goal Setting for Peak Performance’.

When we go to buy a car, why is test driving used as a powerful selling feature?
It’s because the act of physically driving the car and knowing what it feels like to be behind the wheel is one way of bringing a dream to reality. What you’ve wanted, now you have it. This is the same with dreams and setting goals, Prof Smoll says.

One of Frank L. Smoll’s books.

Focusing is everything.
What you focus on, you get more out of. People who dream big are focused on living and breathing those dreams. They steer towards them, even in difficult times when it seems like they’re going to crash and burn. This is how they achieve their results.

Move in the right direction, Prof Smoll advises.
When you dream, you hold on to the ideas that live in your conscious mind, but they also find a way into your subconscious mind.

Professor of Psychology Frank L. Smoll. Source by Psychology Today.

Embarking on a quest of self-improvement and developing a set of good habits is another healthy option.
Individuals who realize that there will be stumbling rocks and failures along the way, but it’s okay because it does happen, are already on the way to success.

You end up becoming your own detective in investigating your way to success by putting the pieces of the puzzle together and figuring out the end goal.

One of the biggest things that holds us back from achieving our goals is actually ourselves because we have the potential to be our own worst enemies. But once you notice your bad habits that are holding you back, you set yourself free.

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The earlier you begin setting goals, the more time you have to achieve them. Source by Hadia Atef

In the beginning we’ll always be wondering how we’re ever going to achieve our goals because we just think about big the task ahead of us, but each time we overcome and achieve small wins, one achievement here and there slowly adds up over time.

Achieving small tasks helps build momentum, so dreaming big and setting yourself some goals can be seen as a healthy option, instead of being a stressful task.


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