Review: Gang of Youths at Festival Hall


Gang of Youths turned up the heat on a cold Melbourne night with some stellar support.

Despite it being six degrees outside, the crowd knew they were in for a jam packed set of all-Aussie goodness.

Fountaineer started strong, drawing everyone to the front of the mosh early with songs from their album Greater City, Greater Love released only last month. 

This is the first album for the Bendigo band and chances are if you’re a fan of City Calm Down you’ll love these lads.

Fountaineer getting the audience ready for a big show. Image: Lachie Durling

And if you think you’ve seen them before – there’s a high chance if you were at Catfish and the Bottlemen’s concert last month – they’re Festival Hall regulars. 

While some weren’t convinced with the choice of second support act Gordi, she soon had them eating their words. She performed an amazing set and helped set up the audience for what would be a roller coaster of emotions throughout Gang of Youths’ performance

Coming on stage a little before 10, David Le’aupepe and the gang lit up the hall and managed to keep everyone up and about for the entirety of their two hour set. 

Le’aupepe bared all as he performed Knuckles White Dry – prefacing it with the tale of supporting a past lover through cancer treatment. It was a tale that moved the entire audience. 

David Le’Aupepe moving the audience during Knuckles White Dry. Image: Lachie Durling

Everyone was so still – you could’ve heard a pin drop in the packed hall – until people started confessing their love for various band members. 

And they’re right, GOY is a band that delivers. That fact that so many of their newest songs have become instant hits is a sign of great things to come.


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