It’s Bachelor Finale Week: Here’s My Tip

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Well, we have finally come to the week we have all been waiting for. We will sit at home on our couches and watch a guy possibly propose to a woman he has known for all of three months. Now for the first time, I can unashamedly say I have not missed an episode of the Bachelor and therefore I think I am more than qualified to give you a run down on who I believe will come away with Matty J’s heart. My housemates and I are quite invested and are all #TeamTara, but I think we might be left a little heartbroken in the end. The three girls who are left are all as equally beautiful as each other and I must stress to you that it was definitely not Channel 10 who decided for Matty J who would join Laura in the final three, based solely on who they wanted to be the Bachelorette in 2018. That is definitely not the case. *Insert sarcastic face here!*. The two girls joining Laura in the finale are Tara and Elise and, although he had probably picked who he wanted after his first date with Laura, this season has still been made as captivating as all the others. Whether we like to admit it or not, these reality television shows hook us in and that’s okay. 


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Tara, Tara, Tara, where do I start. You need your own show, ASAP. I propose a new ‘friendship dating’ show, where you can apply to be Tara’s ‘best mate’. It will work the exact same way as the Bachelor, but in the end you walk away becoming BFFs with Tara. Channel 10, if you’re listening, hit me up, I think I’m on the money here. Seriously though, Tara is hilarious and Matty J always says that he can just escape everything when he is with her. Definitely a pro for Tara here, however she lives in Queensland and Matty is from Sydney and therefore someone is going to have to move. Tara is all about the laughs, so if Matty is looking for someone to constantly make him laugh, he’s found a keeper in Tara. There isn’t much doubt in my mind that Tara is being set up to be the next Bachelorette. Tara is funny, beautiful and a lot of fun and would make for a very entertaining Bachelorette. Even though I don’t think Tara will be chosen by Matty J, she has definitely been the highlight of this season. 


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Oh Elise, she is such a sweetheart. So genuine and equally as beautiful as all three of the girls are. Although Elise doesn’t live in Sydney, she has lived all around the country, including Sydney, so I don’t think a move back there would really be a deal breaker for her. Elise didn’t get chosen for a single date until about half way through the season, meaning their relationship has kind of been a slow burn. This is very similar to Matty J’s journey in Georgia Love’s season of the Bachelorette. Although Matty made it all the way to the finale, it was clear in the end that Georgia’s heart had always been with Lee, the winner of the season. Unfortunately I think the same thing is going to happen to Elise. Look, we really don’t know what Matty J is thinking, or who is best for him. I mean I really don’t know him from a bar of soap, but judging by previous seasons and what the Bachelor tends to do, I don’t think Elise will be the final lady. 


Sportbet Odds – $1.45

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Alright Laura, I’m going to need your diet and exercise program as quick as possible because girl, those abs are to die for. As with all the girls, Laura is absolutely beautiful. She’s very well spoken and her family seems to be normal, she lives in Sydney so that’s a big tick and she has seems to have had a connection with Matty J from the very beginning. Laura was the first person to kiss Matty and I think she has known their connection was quite deep from the beginning. Sportsbet had her as the favourite almost from the get go and her odds are sitting at $1.45 right now making her the red hot favourite. I guess you could say Laura thinks she has it in the bag and, for her sake, I hope she is right because boy oh boy if he doesn’t pick her, she is going to be next level heart broken. 

I think Matty J is going to pick Laura, but in all honestly, I have no idea and I just feel sad for whoever he doesn’t pick. There is a rumour circulating on social media that he proposes to his chosen partner and she rejects the proposal. Sounds like it’s going to be a jam packed finale with lots of love and heartbreak.

The Bachelor finale begins at 7:30pm Wednesday night on Channel 10. 




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