Scott: I pay no attention to ‘maniacs’

Adelaide Oval to host Friday night's blockbuster. Photo by Clement Tito

Geelong Cats coach Chris Scott has rejected any advice dictating where Patrick Dangerfield should play because he feels those opinions are uninformed.

The Crows go in as favourites against the Cats in Friday nights preliminary final at Adelaide Oval.

The Cats’ 59-point win over Sydney Swans last week shocked many as Dangerfield left his traditional onballer role to start up forward against defender Dane Rampe.

It then prompted many to take to social media asking why Dangerfield was not used as a forward more often.

Former Richmond star and now media pundit Matthew Richardson was also giving credit to Dangerfield’s impact scoring four goals on the night.

However the Cats boss said he only paid attention to advise coming from his staff.

“I’m not aware of the advice. I’m pretty protected from the maniacs,” Scott said, later clarifying he wasn’t referring to the media.

“I get really good advice from the people who I listen to who are close to the club.”

“I hope I don’t sound like a smart alec there but I’m not actually across a lot of things that have been said.”

“It’s good fun being a coach. Sometimes you’re with your mates for hours talking about these things.”

“Very rarely does someone out of that inner sanctum get considered in those conversations because we have experts that do it for a living. Having really strong opinions on things when you’re acting on incomplete or inaccurate information is a dangerous way to live your life.”

Scott also was not prepared to reveal anything definitive as to where Dangerfield will start against his former club.

“I know where he’d like to start but it’s not black and white for him, so he’s got a preference,” he said.

“If we played him in another spot I think he’ll be OK. I think he’s proven he can play in both parts of the ground pretty well.

“I know this will be obvious to all but he’ll play both parts of the ground, I know there’ll be a big focus on where he starts, I don’t think we’ll surprise Adelaide irrespective of where he’s starting.”

It will be Geelong’s first final outside of Victoria in 12 years, the last game being the famous three-point loss to Sydney at the SCG where Nick Davis kicked the winning goal in the dying seconds.

Adelaide Oval’s noise has proved to have an effect on traveling teams as Adelaide has recorded just three losses there this year.

While Scott admitted the atmosphere was a genuine burden to his side, he had a rather sarcastic approach to silencing the Crows fans.

“I’ve never understood people saying ‘we’ve got to start well and we’ve got to silence the crowd’,” he said.

“OK yeah… I agree with that part of it, but it’s how you do it which is a lot more important. If the game is going really well for us we know they won’t be as much of an influence but we know it’s an intangible which can help the home team.

“Adelaide given a choice would rather 95 per cent of the support. That’s just an extra challenge for us but far from something that’s insurmountable.”

Tom Lonergan was also cleared to play after being a late omission with illness last week.

Scott also said he would not be trying to replicate his game-plan from last week simply because Adelaide was incomparable to the Swans.

“Sydney have been a very good defensive team based on a strong one-on-one defence, not many teams play that way,” he said.

“In some respects, when you play Sydney, the game is different to the majority throughout the majority of the season.

“Adelaide play more of a team defence but having said that they play a very dangerous system ahead of the ball. They can be so hard to stop, it’s not denigrating Sydney’s forward line because they’ve got good ones as well.

“Looking at both teams it’s almost a matter of saying ‘where are they similar’? They’re probably similar around the contest in some respects but the rest is completely different.”



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