IT: Movie Review – What Is Your Fear?

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“Hi ya Georgie,” says It,  better known as Pennywise the dancing clown, to the kid in a yellow rain coat. It is the iconic scene from 1990 TV series, and the 1986 book that all fans will know.

The movie It was brought back to life again in this year, 27 years after it was last filmed, and the time lapse is referenced in this film with the explanation that the clown returns to town every 27 years. 

If you are not familiar with Stephen King’s masterpiece, the movie centres around a group of kids dubbed the loser club who band together to fight the clown.

This year’s It is directed by Andrés Muschietti who has done a brilliant job showing the horror of the shape-shifting Pennywise. The clown has the power to present every child’s worst fear, so Beverly, who fears blood, sees her bathroom sink explodes covering the whole bathroom in blood. 

This is a psychological thriller that portrays the book better than the 1990 series. It shows that the whole town of Derry, a fictional place in Maine, is evil.  

Many kids have disappeared over the year and none of the adults in the movie are normal. Each is creepy in their own way, like the 40-year-old pharmacist trying to hit on Beverly, a young teenage girl battling with sick rumours about her sex life. 

There are many great scenes that imprint on your mind and the chances are you will scare yourself into keeping a lamp on the night after seeing the movie.

The psychological scenes are great and many the scenes have something creepy that the character does not see but the viewer can increasing your fear as you watch the movie. 

I was interested on how the kids in 2017 movie will stack up to the 1990 series and I must say the cast has exceeded expectations.  I really liked the kids in the 1990 show and the casting agent has done well in picking the 2017 cast. 

The 2017 movie follows the book in a great way. Viewers see the kids meet in the same fashion as the book and the movie does justice to the greatest strengths of the book and wisely omits the parts in the book that were weak.

It prudently does not spend too much time on each character only showing the interactions with their fear and when the losers club band together you get to know the kids personally as they interact with each other.

2017 Pennywise, played by Bill Skarsgard, is darker than Tim Curry’s evilly humorous  version from 1990, but Bill Skarsgard does a great job.

The best part of the TV series and the book are the kids and the 2017 movie totally focuses on them and their fears the director has done an excellent job in creating the first part of the movie. 

It is one of those movies that keep you on edge as it makes you feel like something could jump out at you at any moment. And it is always scarier when there is a clown in a movie.

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