Royal Melbourne Show food: 10 types of food you have to try

Royal Melbourne Show is coming on this weekend from Saturday 23 of September and runs for 11 days until to Tuesday 3 October at Melbourne Show grounds.
In a throwback to last year, Dagwood dogs are the most popular food in Royal Melbourne show, which last year sold more than 50,000.
This year’s Royal Melbourne show decide to co-operate with a lot of pop-up restaurants, food trucks and cooking demos and masterclasses.
As well as take away buckets of chips, the show has also provided tables this year for visitors to taste foods.
 [Photo source: Cristy Kwok]
During these 11 days of the Show, The Royal Agricultural Society’s food Awards obviously is one of the highlights. If you like a one-stop-shop, the Winning Tastes Pavilion will be the best food experience for you at the show.
To help you organize your six meals in Royal Melbourne show, here are the top 10 foods you should try when the Show start:
  • If you like Japanese food, Tokyo Tina will be your good option. Toyko Tina crew is there from September 27 for four days only. They aim to promote the outstanding bulgogi beef rib shredded and served with pillowy bau, mizuna leaves and pickled cucumber, ginger and onion.

    [Tokyo Tina (Photo source: Cristy Kwok)]

    2. No successful carnival is without a burger stop, and that’s why the Show has brought in The Smith. The Smith in Prahran will launch their new product at the Show, which is a milk bun filled with tempura soft shelled crab and loaded Mexican fries during 1 of October to 3 of October –  of course the normal fish burger with chips are available.

    (The Smith (Photo source:]

    3.The dessert bar is always this girl’s favourite and  this year the Show invited Le Petit Gateau with more-ish cakes and devilishly tarts available from 23 of September until 26 of September.

    [Le Petit Gsteau (Photo source: Cristy Kwok)]

  • 4.When you’re eating a yummy food, of course need to sip on some of best drinks. The Winning Tastes cocktail bar starts from noon until 7pm, which included old Young’s Bass and Flinders Distillery, so it will be a good choice to make your food experience more satisfactory.
    [Winning Tastes cocktail bar (Photos source:Cristy Kwok)]

    5.If you’re craving on sweet stuffs but still on a diet, Berry Delicious will satisfy all your requires. In this year’s show, Berry Delicious provides fresh salad, chocolate dipped strawberries and different fresh fruits smoothies which are all healthy items. Nitrogen frozen ice cream creations are available in the Show. 
    [Berry Delicious (Photo source:]


    6. A scone from a Country Women’s Association is an essential snack for the Show. In this year, the Country Women’s Association provide over 20 flavoured scones for the visitors.

    [Country Women’s Association (Photo source:]

    7. If you only have $3 for your eating budget, you still have choice. You can head to the Cheese Toastie Factory at the Woolworths Pavilion, the melted cheese between buttery and crunchy toast is fantastic and it is well-worth $3.

    [Cheese Toastie Factory (Photo source:]

    8.Are you addicted to cinnamon and sugar?  If yes, I highly recommend Donut Lane. This year, they not only provide the traditional hot jam doughnuts, but also have teamed up with Churros Ole to offer Spanish churros.

    [Donut Lane (Photo source: Cristy Kwok)]
    9.When you enter the Show, you will smell the scent of barbecue in the air. Burn City Smokers will be on hand to meet and greet hungry Show goers.

    [Burn City Smokers (Photo source:

    10.If you’re just a student cannot afford too experience on eating in the Show, but you still want to experience different international food such as Napoletana style wood fired pizzas or traditional Italian pasta, then the Woolworths Fresh food Pavilion will be your best option for your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    he Woolworths Fresh food Pavilion (Photo source:]


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