Australia Post Scam Alert

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Online shoppers are being urged to watch out for an Australia Post email scam that installs malicious software onto your computer.

Australia Post customers have become the target of yet another scam and with just one click could be the new victims of downloaded ransomware.

The recent emails circulating the country pretend to be from an AusPost Manager, encouraging users to click on a link to ‘print your shipping label for tracking’.

Doing so, will infect the computer the link is opened on.

Hackers pretend to be an AusPost Manager in email scam.

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that holds a computer hostage by threatening to publish personal information or block access to the computer’s data unless a ransom is paid.

This scam comes just months after a huge ransomware attack shut down computers at multinational businesses and hospitals across the globe.

And while Australia Post was not hit by the dangerous worldwide attack, its customers have received their fair share of scams.

In January this year, thousands of fraudulent emails were sent informing recipients they had a parcel to collect.

The carefully designed email, with logos and all, asked people to confirm their correct postal address by clicking a link.

According to MailGuard, those who click the link invite malware onto their system by downloading a remotely-executed malicious file.

Carefully designed malware attack. Picture: MailGuard

In March last year, scammers went as far as scraping data from social media  to personalise fraudulent emails.

The emails, which appeared to be from Australia Post, encouraged customers to download shipping information via an attachment, for a non-existent package supposably waiting collection at an AusPost store.

Customers who did so risked infecting their computer with malicious software.

Scammers use victim’s full name, job title and address in fraudulent AusPost email. Picture: MailGuard

With the most recent scam, Australia Post has announced simple instructions to recognise the fraudulent email.

“Australia Post will never email asking you to click on a link to print out a receipt/label for parcel collection/tracking nor will Australia Post ask you to send an email containing any personal or financial information, including any form of ID, passwords, credit card details and account information,” a statement on their website said.

Australia Post are advising victims that believe their identity has been stolen to contact ID CARE on 1300 432 273.

They are instructing customers to delete any suspicious emails immediately without clicking on any links or attachments and are asking victims to report the email to SCAMwatch or Stay Smart Online.

So if you’ve recently taken advantage of a UniDays discount and are expecting a parcel in the mail, don’t be fooled.



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