First World Student Problems


We complain, we fail and when we succeed, we celebrate. But a midst this cycle, there are many dilemmas that students encounter throughout their university degree. In all honesty, we can all agree that as students we have our fair share of first world sufferings. 

Maintaining a well balanced, healthy student lifestyle isn’t always as easy as it seems. Our relatable list of dilemmas is a never ending list, from savings to sleep, money, food, travelling, studying, placement and internships.

It’s all indeed a very stressful process. 

Let me drink my misery away – every student

Stu(dying) is a definite and obvious requirement for any course, so why is the actual idea of sitting down with a textbook open so dreadful? 
Of course, having several internet tabs open with Netflix there on the list is part of the main reason that we’re all so susceptible to procrastinating.  

Why is staying focused soooo hard?!

Ahhh sleep, one of nature’s best gifts we’re blessed with. A temporary break from life to rejuvenate our health and mind… except for when you’re a student with deadlines! The likelihood of any student skipping sleep and overloading on caffeine to meet assignment deadlines is a strong 5/5. Even the typical straight A nerds of university will fall victim to the infamous all nighter routine that’ll have you proofreading your assignment at 3 in the morning… *cue tears* 

Running low on fuel, energy and zzzzzz #feels

Maintaining your social life becomes a secondary priority as your workload increases throughout your course. Planning to catch up with friends soon becomes a repetitive group conversation of rescheduling until you’re all somehow magically free at the same time. The most important truth to accept here – is a well lived social life will either mean you’ll have to sacrifice your sleep or your grades. 

How many breakdowns until the essay is finally submitted?

If you’ve ever survived a week with a very unhappy bank account then congratulation, join the broke student life starter pack. We all relate too well with money dilemmas. We wish we didn’t have too but sadly we do. Luckily for some of us we have reliable parents, family and friends we can occasionally borrow money off but the feels are strong with this one. We’ve all experienced a time where our piggy banks were sadly starving. 

“Help me, I’m poor.”

Ever been an unintentional victim to jealousy after scrolling through your social media and witnessing countless life events or successful updates from your high school family and friends? Yes, we’re all too familiar with knowing what it’s like feeling inadequate – almost as though you haven’t accomplished anything, meanwhile everyone is skyrocketing with their goals. I mean, no you don’t have a baby, no you don’t have any savings or travelled in a while, but what you do have is student debt and expert budget tips for the cheapest wine! 

Don’t cry, don’t cry… cries 

It can be hard to be that ideal ‘fitspo’ young person who can commit to regular exercise, meal prep and maintain healthy habits all around the clock. So its easy to understand why settling for quick, carb-y and sugary caffeinated drinks would be more convenient. An occasional apple might make you feel less guilty and a little healthy, just don’t check to see if you have a six pack. 

“The most convenient student meal” – every broke student

Okay, don’t even bother trying to play innocent here. We’ve all come up with lists of realistic excuses that could potentially buy us some time with a granted extension. Being a student doesn’t guarantee that we’ll have our assignments done on time. You’d think that after 13 years of schooling and a uni course, we’d be experts by now? WRONG. Just pray that you have a nice tutor willing to give you that godsend extra few days. 

Thank you procrastination. NOT.

When your local servo has good petrol prices, FILL UP! A common regret many people share is when they skip out on filling up due to already having enough petrol. You never know when the good petrol prices will rise up again, so it’s always best to fill up cheap while you can. 

If only we could multiply our money *prays*

Student’s don’t always have it all that bad, we thankfully receive discounts and occasionally get freebies. Some wins come with a few losses and sadly one of the most depressing consequences of graduating uni is losing student discount privileges. This might make you reconsider studying again. 

Give us all the discounts you have!

Having a casual or part-time job is a norm for students these days. We all need an income to support our university expenses such as overpriced textbooks that we don’t always use, travelling money and food. So having a side job might seem like an accomplishment when you’re a student but the reality of it, is that you’ll be juggling everything from your social life to sleep to studying. Yes, at times it might feel like hell and a pain in the ass, but coffee is overpriced these days and uni students can’t survive without it. 

Work work work work work… to spend.

In the wider scheme of things, these first world student problems are minor inconveniences that will be our problems for the average length of a 3-4 year university course. These dilemmas are a blessing in disguise as they teach us how to budget, plan and become better adults overall. 

Good luck to surviving your degree! *sips wine* 


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