Make Your Travels Easier With These 7 Must Have Apps


Your flight is booked, your bag is packed and you are ready to set off on another adventure. You are ready to go… but is your cell phone? 

The last thing you want is to be feeling stressed out and anxious on your holiday. However, your phone can be a huge asset during your travels. Luckily, these seven free and totally worth it apps are perfect to make your travels run smoothly so you can relax and enjoy your holiday. 

Free on iOS and Android

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Skyscanner is one of the best all in one travel apps to instantly help you find cheap domestic and international flights, hotels and car hire options. Travel smarter with Skyscanner as the app instantly searches, compares and books flights, hotels and car hire anytime, anywhere, by providing you with the best deals in the market.

Skyscanner uses unique proprietary technology that connects people directly to everything the travel industry has to offer. They also power travel search for over 1200 partners through Skyscanner for business products.

The app is simple and easy to navigate with chart viewing of cheap flights, price alert notifications, and filters to tailor your trip searches. Skyscanner is available in over 30 languages.  

Free on iOS and Android

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Uber is one of the most popular and reliable ride sharing apps. Uber is active in around 77 countries and 527 citites with 24/7 availability. It is a fast, cheap alternative to using a taxi or cab service to get you from A to B stress free.

Uber is such a simple app that ensures you will never be overcharged from a car service again. It is cash free as you connect your uber account directly to your online banking. Uber allows you to book an Uber ride at the tap of a button and track your driver at all times.

Uber is a ride you can trust and feel safe in no matter where you are in the world. There is also an option for you to choose a ride for every price and any occasion from economy, premium, accessibility and carpool.

The five star rating is also a perfect way to give Uber instant feedback on their company and drivers. It provides incestives for Uber drivers to be more accommodating to their passengers, which is why so many people opt for Uber rather than taxi services.

The Google Translate app 
Free on iOS and Android

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Throw away the pocket dictionary… Google Translate can help you break through any language barrier anywhere in the world. Simply type in the words you need to translate, pick a target language and away you go.

This app is most useful on a practical level such as when you need to quickly translate words you commonly see on your travels. For example, the app allows you to hold your phone’s camera up to any text you see such as road signs and menus which google will then instantly translate for you. Google Translate also gives you the option to use handwriting or even speaking phrases and having the results text translated back to you.

The app allows you to translate text between 103 languages by typing, however is only able to translate 52 languages with no internet connection.

Free on iOS and Android

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Never get caught in the rain without an umbrealla again. AccuWeather is the worlds most accurate source of international forecasts and weather alerts in over 100 languages. It offers both general long term forecasts to minute-by-minute forecasts hyper localised to your exact address.

AccuWeather not only works as a general forecasting tool but also as a severe weather advisory. It pushes alerts to your home screen to automatically alert you of an issue in your area to help you remain safe at all times. 

Free on iOS and Android

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Airbnb allows you to find alternative accommodation to usual hotel services for a cheaper and more unique experience. Airbnb allows you to choose from over 4 million homes across 190 countries.

The app allows you to find amazing accomodation from all around the world from cottages, private rooms, share homes and more. It is great for when you are on a budget and need to find a place to stay fast.

Many people are opting for the option of Airbnb stays as opposed to booking with hotels. This allows for a more authentic experience as you can stay with a local. It is a great way to make friends and experience a country you have never been before in a more intimate way. 

XE currency
Free on iOS and Android 

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Monitor and convert any currency you want at the touch of a button. Xe currency is an extremely reliable and simple app that will allow you to convert and compare up to 10 different currencies at once. The app provides live exchange rates and charts. The app will store the last updated exchange rates so you can use the app even without internet. 

Free on iOS and Android 

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Rebtel is a premium quality calling app and no internet is needed. The app allows you to make affordable phone calls around the world to both mobiles and landlines for next to nothing and is beginning to take over Skype and WhatsApp.

With Rebtel, you don’t have to worry about having access to WIFI because they connect your calls through local phone lines. Rebtel will detect your best available connection type and set up your call via either a local phone line, mobile data or WiFi. This means you will no longer have to worry about bad phoning connections and servicing.

As it is a brand new APP, they are offering a deal where you can contact friends and family for free if they are also using the app until 2018.


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