Martin: It Wasn’t Just Me

Photo by Daniel Cherny

Richmond star Dustin Martin has refused to take all the credit for the Tigers’ success despite being the first player to win the Brownlow and Norm Smith medals in the same year.

The Tigers were the underdogs in Saturday’s grand final but came away with a 48-point win over the Adelaide Crows to claim their first premiership since 1980.

Martin said it was impossible to top his achievements and was really grateful for the support he had received from his family.

The 26-year-old polled a record-breaking 36 votes in the Brownlow however drew attention away from himself after a standout performance in the grand final.

“It wasn’t just me, it was every other bloke that was out there. I’m just super proud of all of them,” Martin said.

“Everyone involved with the club, the coaches, all of the VFL players. I’m just super proud, everyone was a part of it.

“I was just trying to play my role, everyone else was amazing today as they have been all year. I think that’s why we’re so good – because everyone is chipping in.

“I got so many important people in my life who have helped me get here, it’s too long to reel them all off because I’ll forget people. I’m just very lucky to have a lot of people who have supported me.”

Martin is known for his tattoos and hinted he could be getting a premiership trophy inked into his quad.

He also said he did not consider the idea of winning Norm Smith medal once the siren went on Saturday.

“It did not even bother me, I was just worried about this one right here,” he said while pointing to his premiership medal.

“I was just saying to Dimma (coach Damien Hardwick), now it feels real, it was a bit of surreal thought and bit of a blur but now it feels real and it feels bloody awesome.”

The midfielder also said he was privileged to be able to play football for a living and felt his hard work had paid off.

“The two hours when you play footy is freedom, you don’t have to worry about anything else,” Martin said.

“You just have to go down and play footy, that’s what I love doing.

“I just go out there and play. It’s all I’ve done since I was a young bloke and that’s what been so great about this year.”


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