Who Are Your Top YouTube Best Friends?

Source by Hadia Atef

Individuals on YouTube can be more than just someone we watch online.

As author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss says in his book The 4-hour work week, “you are the average of the five people you most associate with”.

Besides our family, friends and the every day people we interact with, have you realised, when we watch individuals on YouTube, we do more than just watch? We listen, learn and walk away with extra knowledge.

Every one of us have our own channels we love to turn to but here’s just a few friends on YouTube you may want to seek out.

  1. School of Greatness by Lewis Howes
    Howes is known as the New York Times best selling author and entrepreneur. Since the beginning of the channel he has had many incredible world-class interviews with people. The guests are experts in health, athletics, etc and the guest list has included Tony Robbins, Alanis Morissette and Scooter Braun.
    It’s a great motivational and inspirational YouTube channel that will help you get going.

    Lewis Howes’ Youtube Channel. Source by Hadia Atef
  2. Negin Mirsalehi
    This is more for us girls who love a bit of fashion, hair and make up.
    Nothing is worse than watching a channel wanting to learn something or just wanting to become engaged in it yet not feeling that satisfaction.
    Luckily for us, Negin’s videos are fun and entertaining to watch. Not only will you get engaged in her real daily life videos, but straight away you feel like you’re there with her going through the experience.

    Negin Mirsalehi’s Youtube Channel. Source by Hadia Atef.
  3. Mr Ben Brown
    If you’re into travelling and love a bit of tourism, then this is one of the best channels you’ll find. Brown has the best method of capturing his adventures and turning them into a Vlog that will keep your eyes stuck to the screen. He gives you a great positive outlook that will make you question your day job.

    Mr Ben Brown’s Youtube Channel. Source by Hadia Atef.
  4. Sid and Dina
    The husband and wife duo are certainly recommended for anyone of any background. People email them their issues and general questions they need an answer too. The two then read and try to help with the issue. But it’s not just your average Q and A.
    The way they address the issue and give advice is done in a fun and creative way. Questions range from topics such as “I’m going grey in my 20s” to “my sister is in love with my husband”.
    So don’t worry next time you think you have a stupid question, remember you’re most likely not the only one.

    Sid and Dina’s Youtube Channel. Source by Hadia Atef.
  5. Rachel Aust
    This minimalism is certainly catching the eye of many. With her awesome videos that give you great tips and tricks in all fields such as health, style, exercise and so much more, it’ll be hard to find something you’re not interested in.
    Her videos range from a twenty minute work out to the latest wardrobe trends.
    Her whole house and the colours she uses in her videos i.e. clothes she wears, is just black and white. That’s all the colours you’ll get. You might think that’s boring but try having a look at one of her videos, it actually looks much cooler than you think!

    Rachel Aust’s YouTube Channel. Source by Hadia Atef.


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