TIGER TIME: Young Richmond Supporters Celebrate Terrific Tigers

Dustin Martin and Jack Riewoldt celebrate on saturday Photo: Julian Smith

RICHMOND supporters were ecstatic all across Melbourne and the wave found its way to Geelong after the Tigers secured their first premiership since 1980.

The chant of “yellow and black” swept across the state as the Tiger army celebrated defeating the Adelaide Crows thanks to performances from superstar Dustin Martin, Bachar Houli and Alex Rance.

Local Tiger fanatic Jayne Fendyk was thrilled to finally see her beloved side pull off the unthinkable.

“In Dusty’s (Dustin Martin) words it’s pretty ‘surreal’. I’d genuinely convinced myself up until Sunday that I’d never see a Tigers grand final win for the rest of my life and I’m only 20,” she told Dscribe.

Fendyk also said she wasn’t fully relaxed until after Dan Butler’s banana goal to kick Richmond 46 points clear 20 minutes into the last quarter, and that the dominant third quarter from the Tigers was her favourite moment of the day.

“(The third quarter) Richmond were just unstoppable and I was just completely in awe, that’s also when my stomach started to settle ever so slightly,” she said.

Coming from a family of Richmond supporters, the 20 year old said Saturday’s victory was special for her loved ones. 

“I called my half brother and grandma, both Tigers fans, after the game and they were speechless. At half time, when Richmond were looking good, my grandma just sent me a text saying ‘bring it on’. She was fired up from the get go,” she said.

Twenty-one-year-old Richmond tragic Mitch Gardiner was also overjoyed after seeing little Richmond success throughout most of his life.

“It’s been a long 21 years of my life watching a bunch of blokes who couldn’t get their act together so to finally have a team with not only some high profile stars but a team that plays unreal footy is uplifting to watch,” Gardiner said.

Gardiner enjoyed the victory inside Tiger heartland, Richmond.

“Probably the most enjoyable bit wasn’t the game but the celebrations in Richmond afterwards seeing all the fans come together,” he said.

 Mitch Gardiner (left) celebrates in Richmond with friend Alex Bessell. Photo: Tom McFarlane

Like Fendyk, Gardiner wasn’t fully relaxed until very late in the last term.

“I’ve seen Richmond stuff a lot of opportunities up so I didn’t want to count my chickens before they hatched. I didn’t want to believe we could win it until a few minutes to go in the last (quarter),” he said.

Celebrations are set to continue well into the next month for Tiger fans.


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