Women’s Health Apps Booming

Women's Health Apps. Source by Hadia Atef.

The number of women who are downloading women’s health apps is sky rocketing, according to Body and Soul magazine.

Women’s Health Apps. Source by Hadia Atef.

It says 95 per cent of women who were surveyed want health advice from experts, and the apps are now being considered ‘experts’. The magazine also found 52 per cent look to real women for advice on health issues.

When it comes to nutrition, the survey found that 89 per cent of women are considering trying a diet in the next 12 months that they see is popular in the app store.

But is always turning to an app for health advice a good idea?
Registered nurse Clara Davies says, although the apps are a good idea, there are times we have to make sure we use our own memory too, instead of always depending on the app.

Hear more from Davies here …

‘Ask Tia’ is one of the apps that has had a huge number of downloads since its establishment in June.
It has received more 100,00 questions relating to birth control, gynaecological care and other areas of women’s sexual health.

Clue Health App. Source by Hadia Atef.

‘Clue’ is another health app that now has five million users in 109 countries.
It is designed to help women know their body more. It has features to help them have babies or avoid pregnancy.
It assists with concerns over missed periods and alerts when something doesn’t seem right.

With multiple apps from the app store to choose from each day, it can be hard to find the one that suits you best.
But, as Davies says, allow your mind to know your body, not just the app.


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