JET Crew – The Trending Aussie YouTube Channel

Trending Aussie YouTubers Frosty (left) and Craze (right)

Youtube has long been a global launchpad for the next generation of celebrities with some now making millions of dollars a year. In the list of popular up-and-comers are Melbourne’s very own duo – JET CrewTom Krause and Benjamin Frost otherwise, known as ‘Craze’ and ‘Frost’. Their YouTube Channel provides hilarious, popular culture content to a growing following of 601,599 subscribers. 

The two YouTube entertainers create comedy sketches relevant to an audience of online millennials on a large global scale. A quick browse through their channel reveals a wide selection of videos, ranging from challenge videos to music clips and their popular series labelled ‘Polish collection’

Hoping to manage a full service production company in the near future, the creative pair have already successfully launched their own JET Crew merchandise and collaborated with other well known YouTubers such as ‘MyChonny’

One of JET Crew’s popular collaborations are with YouTuber ‘MyChonny’
Image source: Instagram

When asked about what inspired the birth of their YouTube channel, CEO & Founder – Tom Krause simply answered that it was boredom and spare time. The channel has undergone a few changes along the way since first being created in 2011 with it now sharing daily content. 

“I didn’t expect myself to ever become a successful full-time YouTuber. I started off using comedy as a way to cure my boredom with friends and even sharing it on YouTube wasn’t a serious thing.” 

The accidental internet sensations, both Tom and Benjamin spend most of their time pitching, filming and editing their videos together with a balanced workload of splitting their work. 

“Frosty and I usually spend up to an hour on average filming a video and then editing the video roughly takes 4-5 hours. We set daily deadlines with a viewer expectation to ensure our channel stays relevant and most importantly satisfies our fans.” 

Craze (left) described that filming this video clip was one of his “big moments” for their channel.
Image source: YouTube

With their videos receiving an average of 100,000 views per upload during the very first 24 hours, both Tom and Benjamin confirm that the behind the scenes work isn’t always fun and games. 

“If our videos don’t make more than 100,000 hits within the first 24 hour period, we delete our videos immediately. Frosty and I, put in a lot of effort to keep our channel up to date and we’re both very open minded about accepting failures, even if it means deleting videos we worked very hard on.” 

Committed to keeping their fans happy, JET Crew’s social media pages are regularly updated and video teasers are often shared to promote upcoming uploads. 

“People don’t always take it seriously when you reveal to them that you’re a full-time YouTuber because they don’t understand the concept of it being a proper job. But to us, its more intense, if anything.” 

Their phenomenal rise to fame on YouTube is evident in the number of views their channel receives

Their unexpected fame and channel growth has caused the pair to hire extra media assistants to manage their social media accounts. JET Crew have their own Facebook group made up of close to 80,000 members! 

“We have been very lucky with having loyal fans who interact with us regularly. We have up to ten admins who help our channel keep track of everything.” 

Sheepishly joking about their fame, Tom admits that he feels like his success has provided him and his co-producer Benjamin extra perks. 

“We’re still two very ordinary guys and we don’t let the popular following get to us. We like to do things just like everyone else, except we just film it all. It’s only when we get discounts, free stuff and having random people recognise us, that sort of makes us think sh*t we made it.”  

When asked about what their future plans are for expanding their channel, the pair hinted that exciting projects will be taking place in the near future with major collaborations happening. 

The duo often get challenged by subscribers to film crazy videos and of course the pair take on the requests!

They have shown no signs of slowing down as they continue to network with big time YouTubers and as Tom jokes – “Kindly declining big companies offers for product promotions and placements to keep it real for the fans.” 

Equally as crazy and ‘lit’, Benjamin shares a personal insight on working with Tom for the past few years. 

“With it just being us two, it gives us more freedom to do what we want and improve our channel accordingly to how we feel.” 

“Everyday I wake up to see a whole heap of new homies following us and so many homies leaving positive comments for us.”

As their comical take on life circles in the hits and views, both guys remain cool and collected as their stardom unfolds new opportunities for the creative pair. 

“At the end of the day we do it because we love it and we love it because of our amazing fans.” both proudly admit. 

Here’s one of their latest videos, check JET Crew out if you’re up for some shameless cringeworthy laughs!

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