To Believe Or Not To Believe In A Psychic?


There are only two reactions when the sentence ‘I’m going to a psychic’ is mentioned.

One is full of excitement, interest and usually, following with a positive psychic anecdote. The other is always the complete opposite; the face screws up, a mocking laugh followed with an ‘oh you don’t believe in that crap do you?’

Tarot cards, psychics, mediums, auras and spiritual energy has been around for thousands of years and thanks to TV shows like Long Island Medium, Hollywood Medium and closer to home “Real Housewives of Melbourne’ which aired a number of psychic sessions done by Housewife Jackie Gillies – a woman who was never afraid to connect with her ‘angels.’

“Psychic readings are still a ‘you either believe it or you don’t’ experience,” says Belinda Vandyk, Tarot and Aura reader of ten years.

Her mother was ‘in touch with the angels’ and so when she was in her early twenties she changed her pathway from a hairdresser to become a Tarot reader full time.

“I knew I had the ability in me, I always read cards however it wasn’t until I started to spend more time learning did I realise what I could do.”

“Before booking any appointment clients must know the difference between Psychics/Tarot readers to Mediums to ensure they are going to the right type of spiritual speaker,” says Vandyk.

Psychics tune into the energy of people or objects by feeling or sensing elements of their past, present and future, relying on their basic sense of intuition and psychic ability to gather information for the person being read.

Hollywood Medium, Tyler Henry

A medium, however, uses their intuitive abilities to see the past, present and future events of a person by tuning into the spiritual energy surrounding that person. This means they rely on the presence of a spirit for the information relevant to the person being read.

‘If you have no one to connect to from the other side, going to a medium will not be beneficial’ is a phrase used by celebrity medium Tyler Henry when he meets non-believers on his show.


21-year-old Charlotte never believed in psychic readings but after the death of her mother earlier this year she felt more inclined to visit one.

“After my mum died, I started having all these really weird dreams that I knew were connected to her but I couldn’t understand them, a friend mentioned that maybe I should go see a psychic medium and see if they could connect me to her and give me some answers, so I got a recommendation and booked my first session the next day.”

Charlotte walked in expecting to be told the usual positives about love, work and study that most 21-year-olds would want to hear. She chose not to mention her mother expecting the Psychic to pick that up on their own. 

“As soon as I sat down, the psychic grabbed my hand and told me a motherly type figure was speaking to her about me. I started crying straight away. The entire session was incredibly accurate and I really did believe something magical was happening”

Even though Charlotte’s experience was so special she knew some of her friends and family still thought it was fake and probably just a ‘lucky guess.’

“My brother said ‘she probably googled your name, stalked you on facebook’, but all my accounts are on private and I only gave her my first name and called off my friend’s phone; there is no way she could have found me.”

Vandyk knows that what clients hear during a reading does not mean everyone leaves convinced.

“I will never be able to prove to all my clients that what I say is coming from another spiritual place, all I can do is tell them what I see, hear and feel and hope they can connect these answers within their life.”

Vandyk explains that by keeping a closed mind about the reading you are blocking your energy for her to read and therefore will not receive much from the session.

For many, however, psychic readings are all trash talk. 

22-year-old Jonathon Madjer has been “forced” to go to readings by his Mum since he was 12 and even after ten years has not jumped on the bandwagon. 

“They may get one or two small things right like what my decisions with university will be or that I’m planning a trip overseas, but to be realistic aren’t these two obvious things all young adults do?”

As much as it is nice to hear about money success, love in the future and job stability Madjer knows not to take everything literally and if it comes true, then at least he knows who to revisit.

“If every reading was supposedly real I should have met the love of my life already, owned three cars and begun my own business.”

If visiting a Psychic is of interest to you, Vandyk recommends bringing a notebook and pen to write down the key points that come out of the conversation, as you will forget a lot of the information when you leave and it is also nice to look back at what was said in months to come to see if anything has come true.

Vandyk only sees her regular clients once a year as it takes time for key events to happen.

“What is said in a reading may happen the next day or in 364 days time, I always have to explain to clients that they won’t always see results straight away and there’s a lot of patience that comes with a reading.”

Whether you believe or don’t, the psychic business is clearly doing something right to stay afloat. To join in the conversation click on this poll and let us know whether you think a psychic reading is worth

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  1. My child has a certain give that she can tell what is about to happen a few days prior to it happening. Thank you for sharing that psychics tune into the energy of people and objects by feeling or sensing elements of their past, present and future. I’m interesting in learning more about psychic melbourne services.


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