Ed Sheeran Review: The People’s Concert


Not even an iPhone X can capture the scale of the stadium!

A Saturday night, a stinking hot Etihad Stadium, and 60,000 screaming Ed Sheeran fans. He didn’t disappoint. 

Across Australia and New Zealand, the Divide Tour cracked the one million ticket sales breaking a record set back in 1986 by Dire Straits. This shows what a phenomenon Ed Sheeran truly is, appealing to pretty much every section of society. Ticket sales soared with 250,000 tickets sold in Melbourne alone across all four nights. It wasn’t a cheap night with tickets costing anywhere from $75.00 to over $150.00, but you truly got your money worth. You didn’t just get to watch Ed for an hour, but you got to see two local Australian acts lead into the concert in Bliss ‘n Eso and Missy Higgins. 

Now what we’re really here for, the one and only, Ed Sheeran. And by one and only, I legitimately mean that. He was up on stage all by himself, with just a loop pedal and a selection of guitars. Obviously, the lighting and graphics on the screen along with the crowd also made part of his performance. For one guy to keep 60,000 people captivated for two hours truly speaks for itself. 

He started with the smash ‘Castle on the Hill’ and the set list included hits from his latest album Divide of course as well as some hits from his previous albums. He ended his performance with an encore singing the hit single ‘Shape of You’ and finished off with ‘You need me, I don’t need you’ a hit from his 2009 album + (Plus). 

Taking a look at the vibe of the crowd was really intriguing. I want to set the picture for you as to what the crowd was like and why I’ve labelled it the people’s concert. To my right was a pregnant woman and her partner, to my left were three female teenagers, behind me was a group of five people in their late twenties and in front of me were three ladies who looked to be over 45. In the outer surroundings of my seating area were parents and their young children. But the coolest part was that Ed noticed this in his crowd. He made a point of shouting out to the ‘super dads’ and boyfriends who were there supporting their kids and girlfriends and obviously just got dragged along.

Mackenzie, 17, was at the concert in the front standing area said: “The crowd was very broad, a lot of different ages and different genders. Also, a lot of parents.”

The importance of engaging with the crowd in between songs was obviously important to Ed as he continued to do this throughout his show. I felt like it made the crowd feel like it was more intimate rather than just a huge, packed out Etihad Stadium. Maddi, 18, who also attended the concert made a comment on how involved Ed was throughout the concert too.

“I love how he talked occasionally about little things just to add to the performance.”

On a final note, it was clear that Ed wanted the audience to leave the concert knowing it was one of the best nights of their lives. To live in the moment, be wild and enjoy themselves. One of the perfect moments from his whole performance was when he sang ‘A Team’ and asked the crowd to put their phone lights on to light up Etihad Stadium. 

Video by me on iPhone X from my YouTube channel.

For just one man to be able to captivate 60,000 people for two hours on a 35 degree night in a full house at Etihad Stadium just shows that, Ed Sheeran, you are not only a remarkable artist but an incredible person too. 





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